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Graduate Admissions Application Waiver Survey

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Thank you for your interest in graduate study at Utica College. The following information will not impact or influence your application. Thank you for your participation. Again, the completion of this survey entitles you to an application fee waiver.

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  1. How did you first find out about Utica College graduate programs? (Choose up to 3) *
    UC website
    Google internet search
    Yahoo internet search
    Other internet search engine
    E-mail or letter from an admissions counselor
    A graduate fair
    A poster at my school
    Pre-health academic advisor at my school
    My school has an articulation agreement with Utica College
    Direct mail
    UC alumni
    An employer
    A colleague/friend
  1. What is the most important factor in making your graduate school choice? (Choose up to 3) *
    I visited UC and spoke to professors in my program
    Academic program
    Small class sizes/personalized attention
    My selected major will allow me to get a job in my field upon graduation
    Cost of UC graduate school
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    I will attend Utica College---It is my top school
    I will seriously consider attending---It is one of my top three choices
    Utica College is a possibility for me but it is not in my top three choices

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