AED Defibrillator Map


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AED Defibrillator Map
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Map Number / Building Location
1. Cynkus Family Welcome Center Office area hallway 
2. Economic Crime, Justice Studies, and Cybersecurity Building  First floor, near rest rooms 
3. F. Eugene Romano Hall  Second floor, near room R202A 
4. Gordon Science Center  First floor, near room 161 
6. Hubbard Hall  First floor, near entrance and staircase 
7. Faculty Center Main entrance foyer
8. Thurston Hall First floor
11. Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library  Main floor, right of security area
Library concourse, near doors to library basement level
12. Ralph F. Strebel Student Center  Lower level, near auditorium
Upper level, in the Wellness Center 
14. Boehlert Hall and Conference Center  Main desk in lobby 
15. South Hall  Lobby 
16. North Hall  Lobby 
19. Bell Hall  Main desk in lobby 
20. Tower Hall  Main desk in lobby 
21. Harold T. Clark Jr. Athletic Center  Hallway, near main office 
27. Todd and Jen Hutton Sports and Recreation Center  Through swinging doors, on wall to the left
31. Facilities Maintenance Garage Break room
33. Champlin House First floor
34. Burrstone House Lobby

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Gregg Sponburgh, MPH

Gregg Sponburgh, MPH

Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Room 279
Gordon Science Center
(315) 792-3743

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