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Instruction @ UC Library: Combined Version

The UC Librarians offer faculty members a variety of instruction services in support of library and academic teaching.

Basic Library Orientation

 Library orientation is designed to address: 

  • First-Year Seminar students
  • Introductory or seminar courses
  • Novice library users
  • Other classes upon request 

Basic Library Orientation Summary

A Library Orientation session includes: 

Request an Instruction Session

Utica College Librarians are committed to delivering customized course-related instruction. 

Tailored Fit

We adapt course-related instruction to: 

  • Course work or specific assignments
  • Subject content
  • Ability level of class
  • Library experience of class
  • Special needs or considerations, such as performing research from off campus 

Guided Research

Customized library instruction brings research resources and services to your students by: 

  • Demystifying the research process
  • Revealing the world of available resources
  • Demonstrating appropriate resources at basic or advanced levels
  • Developing essential research skills
  • Providing research tips, tricks and trade secrets
  • Educating students about library services like individualized research appointments and ILL 

Complementing Classroom Instruction

We believe in working with instructors to develop library instruction that: 

  • Helps us address the topics and skills you need your students to know
  • Supports college-level research and writing skills
  • Cultivates information literacy skills necessary for success 

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This innovative service offers Basic Library Orientation or Custom Course Related Instruction delivered via course management software 

Online Research

We know that online students need access to UC library resources and help with their research no matter where they live 

Integrating the library into an online course gives students direct, personalized access to: 

  • A UC Reference Librarian to answer questions and provide research assistance
  • Help in navigating library resources and services in the online environment
  • Subject specific guidance (if applicable) 

Adaptive Support

  • We collaborate with instructors to present your online courses with the exact library presence and level of service you desire
  • We enter and leave online courses to coincide with specific needs or assignments
  • We offer what we know, research assistance, and leave the teaching to you 

To learn more about adding library instruction into your online courses, please contact a Reference Librarian.

Our friendly UC Reference Librarians are here to help all UC students and faculty regardless of location. 

We're happy to: 

  • Answer research questions
  • Help find the library resources that work for specific subject areas and research
  • Guide in using library resources and services 

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