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Cybersecurity E-Books at Utica College Library


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Marlowe, K., & Wirth, K. (2012). 
Handbook of Cyber and Industrial Warfare. College Publishing House.

Kshetri, N. (2010). 
The Global Cybercrime Industry : Economic, Institutional and Strategic Perspectives. Springer.

Andreasson, K. J. (2012). 
Cybersecurity : Public Sector Threats and Responses. CRC Press.

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Cyber Security Essentials. Auerbach Publications.

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Cyber Warfare and the Laws of War. Cambridge University Press.

Zhang, N., Kant, K., & Das, S. K. (2012). 
Handbook on Securing Cyber-physical Critical Infrastructure. Morgan Kaufmann.

Amoroso, E. G. (2011). Cyber Attacks :
Protecting National Infrastructure
. Butterworth-Heinemann.

Dua, S., & Du, X. (2011). 
Data Mining and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity. Taylor & Francis.

Deibert, R. (2012). 
Access Contested : Security, Identity, and Resistance in Asian Cyberspace Information Revolution and Global Politics. MIT Press.

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Advances in Intelligence and Security Informatics. Elsevier/AP.

Wirth, K. (2012). 
Handbook of Cyber Warfare. University Publications.

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Advances in Computer Security. Learning Press.

Johnson, R., Pearson, S., Anson, S., & Bunting, S. (2012). 
Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation. Wiley.

Carvey, H. A., & Kolde, J. (2012). 
Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit : Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 7. Elsevier/Syngress.

Vick, P. (2012). 
Communications & Security in Computer Science : (concepts & Applications). Learning Press.

Popp, D. (2012). 
Security Engineering. Library Press.

Woodbury, C. (2012). 
IBM I Security Administration and Compliance. MC Press.

Tambe, M. (2012).
 Security and Game Theory : Algorithms, Deployed Systems, Lessons Learned. Cambridge University Press.

Harp, M. (2012). 
Windows Security Technology (technology for Operating Systems). English Press.

Nozaki, M., & Tipton, H. F. (2012). 
Information Security Management Handbook. Auerbach.

Gomes, J., & Popp, D. (2012).
Security Engineering & Secure Communications. Academic Studio.

Wiles, J., & Wyler, N. R. (2012). 
Low Tech Hacking : Street Smarts for Security Professionals. Elsevier.

Fitzgerald, T. (2012). 
Information Security Governance Simplified : From the Boardroom to the Keyboard. CRC Press.

Allen, L. (2012). 
Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly-secured Environments : The Ultimate Security Guide. Pact Publishing.

Zalewski, M. (2012). 
The Tangled Web : A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications. No Starch Press.

Alpcan, T., & Ba┼čar, T. (2011). 
Network Security : A Decision and Game-theoretic Approach. Cambridge University Press.

Simpson, M. (2012). 
Hands-on Ethical Hacking and Network Defense. Course Technology PTR.

Bertino, E. (2012). 
Data Protection From Insider Threats. Morgan & Claypool.

Merkow, M. S., & Raghavan, L. (2012). 
Secure and Resilient Software : Requirements, Test Cases, and Testing Methods. CRC Press.

Masud, M., Thuraisingham, B. M., & Khan, L. (2012). 
Data Mining Tools for Malware Detection. CRC Press.

Littlejohn, E. (2012). 
Information Risk Management. Research World.

Littlejohn, E., & Monk, N. (2012). 
Information Technology and Information Risk Management. College Publishing House.

Kleidermacher, D., & Kleidermacher, M. (2012). 
Embedded Systems Security : Practical Methods for Safe and Secure Software and Systems Development. Elsevier.

Paul, M. (2012). 
The 7 [Seven] Qualities of Highly Secure Software. CRC Press.

Courtney, K. (2012). 
Information Privacy (Concepts & Applications). Learning Press.

Courtney, K., & Murdock, K. (2012). 
Information and Internet Privacy Handbook. College Publishing House.

Sammons, J. (2012). T
he Basics of Digital Forensics : The Primer for Getting Started in Digital Forensics
. Syngress.

Gomes, J. (2012). 
Secure Communications. White Word Publications.

Krutz, R. L., & Vines, R. (2010). 
Cloud Security : A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Cloud Computing. Wiley.

Fuchs, C. (2012). 
Internet and Surveillance : The Challenges of Web 2.0 and Social Media. Routledge.

Hauptmann, B., Grumberg, O., & Nipkow, T. (2012). 
Software Safety and Security : Tools for Analysis and Verification. IOS Press.

Tibble, I. (2012). 
Security De-engineering : Solving the Problems in Information Risk Management. CRC Press.

Cherry, D. (2012). 
Securing SQL Servers : Protecting Your Database From Attackers. Elsevier/Syngress.

Yang, C., & Cimato, S. (2012). 
Visual Cryptography and Secret Image Sharing. CRC Press.

Colantonio, A., Ocello, A., & Di Pietro, R. (2012). 
Role Mining in Business : Taming Role-based Access Control Administration. World Scientific.

Das, D. K., Das, A., & De Guzman, M. (2012). 
Strategic Responses to Crime : Thinking Locally, Acting Globally. CRC Press.

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Financial Crimes : A Threat to Global Security. CRC Press.

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Global Organized Crime : A Reference Handbook. ABC-CLIO.