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Ulrich's Periodical Directory  
Ulrichsweb is an authoritative database covering journals, magazines, newspapers and other periodicals from around the world. Search and browse unbiased, in-depth bibliographic information for more than 300,000 serials, including: academic and scholarly journals, peer-reviewed titles, online publications, newspapers and other serial resources.

Bibliographic records bring together everything needed for effective serials search and discovery:

  • Full Description
  • Subject classifications
  • Publisher list prices
  • Advanced Search, Quick Search and Browse modes
  • Refereed status
  • Electronic availability
  • Document suppliers
  • A&I coverage
  • Personalized tools including: Lists, Search My Library's Catalog and Ulrich's Alerts
  • Publishers and sponsors
  • Rights/permissions data
  • Full-text reviews and recommendations
  • Title change history
  • Searchable tables of contents
  • Journal URLs

Updated weekly

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Citations & Abstracts Only  
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General, Library & Information Sciences  
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ExLibris, ProQuest, Ulrichs, Serials Solutions  
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Access restricted to current Utica College students, faculty and staff.  


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