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CAS, Chemical Abstracts  
Please visit SciFinder Scholar Web @ UC Library for details. Registration required with Utica College affiliation.

SciFinder Scholar Web is a specialized chemistry database that provides comprehensive index access to chemistry and related sciences, including:

  • Patent and journal references
  • Substance information
  • Chemical reactions
  • Regulated chemicals information
  • Commerical available substances

The Chemical Abstract Society, or CAS, is a division of the American Chemical Society. CAS is the vendor responsible for producing SciFinder Scholar Web.

This web-based resource is:

Connect to SciFinder Scholar Web (on or off campus)

Resource Type
Coverage Type
Citations, Abstracts & Full Text  
Coverage Dates
1900-Present (coverage varies by database)  
Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology  
Undergraduate, Graduate  
Vendor or Contributor
CAS, American Chemical Society (ACS)  
Access Restrictions
Registration Required. Available for use in-Library only. Access restricted to current Utica College students, faculty and staff.  


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