Study Abroad Course in Bulgaria

Study Abroad Experience in Bulgaria

Construction Management practices in Eastern European Union

2018 Dates July 28 - August 11 (TENTATIVE)

CMG 476 - Seminar
Construction Management practices in the eastern European Union

About the Course

Register for CMG 476 and join us on this 2-week summer excursion to Bulgaria. As part of this senior-level CM seminar, we will:
  • Visit construction management and consulting firms to learn their practices and day-to-day operational activities.
  • Visit a variety project sites in the construction phase, including but not limited to retail, high rise residential, and commercial buildings; fuel oil and biodiesel storage and dispensing facilities; civil and infrastructure projects
  • High rise in BulgariaVisit the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and participate in a joint 2 to 3 day program with students and faculty members.
  • Visit several sites with historical significance and review early methods of construction.

Written Report

Students will compile a written report reflecting the daily activities, construction site visits, construction project meetings and historical structure visits performed during the course. The report will reflect on the historical perspective of construction in the area and current construction management practices including but not limited to:
  • project types,
  • project construction materials,
  • project organization, and
  • project delivery.
The report shall include the student’s opinion and comparison to the respective approach currently utilized in the United States.


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