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Movie Title Length Format
Amongst White Clouds (Chinese w/Eng. Subtitles) 86:00 DVD
China and the Forbidden City 60 minutes VHS
China Today VHS
China: A Curtain Raiser 50 minutes VHS
Chinese Tape (Gift of Prof. Zhaung) VHS
Discovering China and Tibet 52 minutes VHS
Forbidden City: The Great Within 50:00 VHS
Girl From Hunan 99 minutes VHS
Hibiscus Town VHS
Hidden People of China 26:00 DVD
Japan Invades China: Crisis in the Far East 30 minutes VHS
Old Well VHS
Raise the Red Lantern 125 minutes VHS
Return From Silence: China's Revolutionary Writers 60 minutes VHS
Travel in Wuyi Mountain, China (Gift of Dr. Chen) VHS


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