Alumni Resources

Alumni Resources

Electronic Services for Alumni:

  Utica University changed the online services we provide to our alumni as of 2022. Due to changes in our terms of service with Google that are outside of our control, we can no longer provide online file storage in Google Drive.  There is a grace period of a few months after the end of classes.  New alumni will receive email warnings before access to Drive is lost and files are removed from the system.

Email Account Access
The University allows alumni to keep their Utica email accounts indefinitely as long as they follow these requirements:
  • For security purposes, passwords must be changed every 120 days at The system will send reminder emails daily for 14 days before the password expires.
  • Once every six months account renewal is required. The system will send reminder emails daily for 30 days before the renewal deadline. Renewal is done at
  • Google 2 Step Verification is required for all Utica email accounts.  You can make sure it is setup on your account by following our instructions.
If accounts are not renewed they are disabled and deleted after 90 days.

Renewing your email account also maintains your access to BannerWeb for access to unofficial transcripts, past financial aid information, and past payment information if you had been a student employee.

Account Access Excludes:
Google Drive
Email accounts no longer include access to Google Drive, which includes services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms. This is applied approximately 6 months after your date of graduation.  You will receive a number of automated warning emails well in advance of Drive access being turned off and the files being removed from the system. We recommend that you download any files you wish to keep from Google Drive before your access is revoked. 
Methods for downloading files:
  1. You can do this by visiting on a computer, right clicking on a file you wish to save, and choosing the Download option.  This is simple, but may be too time consuming if you have a lot of files.
  2. You can have Google archive your files for download to a computer.  See this guide for instructions.
  3. You can choose to transfer your Google Drive files and/or Google emails to a separate personal Google/Gmail account. You will need to have enough space available in the personal account to accept the data; you can see how much space you’re using in each account here:
    See this guide for detailed instructions to do the transfer.

    This can take many hours or days to transfer if you have a lot of data, please do not wait to do this.  If you experience a transfer error, please open an Incognito or PrivateBrowsing window and try again.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and others, expires after graduation. This includes files you may have stored in OneDrive. We recommend that you download your files.  You can view your files online by logging into with your Utica username and password and download them to your computer.

Library Databases
Some services from our Library, including online access to journals and research databases are only available for active students, faculty, and staff.

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Integrated Information Technology Services

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