Building Directory & Map

Building Directory & Map


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strebel first floor
101– Bookstore
102– Computer Lab
103– Student Affairs
104– Bookstore Storage/Textbook Pickup
105– Conduct & Community Standards
106– Storage
107– Sound/Light Booth
108– Strebel Auditorium
109– Trax Snax
110– Pioneer Pub (Pioneer Cafe and Tres Habaneros)
111– Theater Dressing Room
112– Campus Safety


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strebel second floor
201– WPNR Radio
202– Counseling Center
203/4– Student Health Center
205/6– Student Living & College Engagement
207– Student Government Association Office
209– Dining Hall
210– Sodexo Dining Services Office
211– DuRoss Faculty Dining Room (FDR)
212- Kitchen

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