You Know it’s Midterm Week at UC when…

You know midterms have begun at UC when the campus comes alive and the library reaches it’s max capacity. Midterm week, in my experience, is a stressful time for all students as they have many things to complete and study for in a very short amount of time all while awaiting Spring Break. While walking through UC’s campus at this time of year, it is possible to tell that midterm week is well underway when you see these things…

  1. The library is so full that it’s nearly impossible to find a seat.

IMG_15212. Everyone is frantically trying to print their midterm papers at the same time.

Blog Post 7 - You Know It's Finals Week When... Printer GIF

3. You have meetings with professors so you can try and figure out your grades.

You Know It's Finals Week When 1

4. You overhear people in the library saying things like, “I definitely just failed that,” or “I haven’t slept in 4 days.”

You Know It's Finals Week When 6

5. The coffee shops on campus are full of students because coffee is necessary to survive midterm week!


You Know It's Finals Week When 5

Midterm week may get the best of most students, however, we’re almost done & I promise you that we can make it to Spring break next week!