Winter is Coming

With the weather changing, students on campus have already talked amongst each other about what boots they will purchase and how big their coats will be this winter. The reason for this is that, every morning during the spring semester, Utica College students pray that their morning classes will be cancelled, or at least rescheduled for a different time.

It has been said that it doesn’t matter if we got hit with 9 feet of snow like Buffalo did this week; Utica College still will not cancel classes. They might cancel night classes, but day¬†classes would¬†still be in session. Students have complained about this for some time now. The wind chill could be in the negatives, and we would still get an email telling students to bundle up!

Why is that? Students should take that into consideration that the school is very focused on our scholastics, and don’t want to cancel classes unless the winter weather is brutal. If the professors can make it to class in their commutes, then we can still make that five-minute walk to class. Winter is coming, and Utica College students should start preparing for it right now.


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