Where Can OTs Work?

As you guys know, I have been blogging about Occupational Therapy (my major!) in preparation for Occupational Therapy Month! I have told you about the profession, what OT’s do, the program at Utica College (in previous posts) and about my classes! Tonight I will discuss some of the fun areas that an Occupational Therapist can work in. There are so many areas and ages groups that OT’s can work in/with and I will not be able to tell you about all of them, but you can get an idea of the wide variety there is! I will tell you about the areas that I have seen and will be seeing for fieldwork. For example, for my community hours (for class) I have worked as a teacher at the Refugee Center and I have helped out with Life After High School students (both have been discussed in previous blogs!). For my first fieldwork, I was at LutheranCare in Clinton, NY (20mins away from Utica College) and it was a sub acute rehabilitation center. For my summer fieldwork, I will be at a hospital at home, which is considered acute care. This fall, I will be going to the Dominican Republic with my peers in the Occupational Therapy class to work with children. Next spring, I will be back at home at a children’s developmental center where I could be working in client’s homes, early intervention, schools and in outpatient settings! I will be getting a lot of different experiences from fieldwork, but I have also job shadowed at a nursing home to see how Occupational Therapists can assist the elderly. There are so many areas that Occupational Therapists can work and these are only a few that I will be working with!¬†Unknown


Photo Retrieved From: https://www.lsuhsc.edu/library/news/?cat=60

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