UC’s Historic Inauguration: A Student’s Perspective

My name is Ann Ciancia, and I’m the president of the UC Student Senate. On Friday, September 23, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the procession at the inauguration of Dr. Laura Casamento, Utica College’s new president. The entire executive board of Student Senate was asked to participate.

Members of UC’s Student Senate prior to Inauguration

Inspiration filled me as the inauguration started on the cloudy (but not rainy) day! At the beginning of the year, during my convocation speech to incoming first year students, I emphasized how President Casamento was breaking the glass ceiling amongst the high leadership positions within college institutions, including our very own. As a female student leader on this campus, this event in our college history speaks to me. It means a lot to me knowing that a woman, like President Casamento, can make such a huge impact. I know she will transform and guide this college into a trailblazing institution as the ninth president.

The words of Professor Gary Leising and Gianna Boone were extraordinary and uplifting. Their poems were both filled with such incredible emotion, creating a distinct atmosphere for this event.

As President Casamento delivered her speech, she focused on the success of this college. During her presidency, she wants to reach out to faculty, staff, and students to make sure their voices are heard. It is important that she cares about the opinions of others. The change in store for Utica College during her presidency will exemplify the future success of this community.

A touching moment during the ceremony was when President Casamento pointed to the students in the crowd. She said her goal was to shake the hands of each student as they walk across the stage during graduation. As students, I know that we can help her reach the institution’s goal.

My final words go out to President Casamento herself: Remember to “Never Stand Still” as you embark on this unforgettable journey! Thank you for instilling the values of being a Proud Pioneer.

President Casamento took a moment to pose with me