To do list…

Greetings all!

The semester is coming to a end whether you want to believe it or not. Finals are approaching, classes are ending, papers are due. Get ready! Deadlines are coming, don’t save it for the last week of school. Start now, make a list of everything that will be due in a order of priority and how long it may take. Start crossing things off that list the time is now, it is never too early. Also, here’s a few things to do before leaving…

1. Meet with you advisor! Is you schedule completed? Did you get your pin? Do you know how many credit you have? GPA? Get on a move and meet with your advisor they are here to help you!

2. Secure your housing! Secure your housing have you paid your $200 deposit for housing? Do you know where you’ll be living next semester? Have you done a point tally sheet? Visit Residence Life and ask for assistant get this done. If you’ll be moving off campus… have you been released from your contract? Have you spoke with Scott Hosler in Residence Life to be released? Contact him! Even if you are released Residence Life can supply you with a list of off campus housing you can contact.

3. Get summer employment! Do you even have a resume? Do you have a job? Do you want one? How will you survive this summer? Visit Student Career Services and set a appointment to review possible internship options and other employment opportunities that can benefit you. They can and will also help you develop, update or edit a resume. (:

4. Storage! Where will your belongings go? Nobody to help you toll everything back home? Begin packing first! Then consider storage options the earlier you contact them the better. If you don’t have that many items team up with some of your friends and split the cost. There’s flyers up everywhere that have storage options some even pick it up for you! That cuts off the cap or gas fee. Feel free to ask Residence Life about some common storage facilities used.

This may seem overwhelming but it wont be as soon as you began to start the list. Feel free to go in any order you don’t have to go down the list feel free to jump around or even add to the list. Here’s a head start!






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