The Story of an Overly-Cautious Girl Who Chopped Her Hair Off

When I was little I used to cry when my Mom rearranged the furniture in my house (also nearly had a mental breakdown when my parents painted the living room). Long story short, I have basically hated change my entire life and ALWAYS been extremely cautious and thoughtful when making decisions. I’m sure there’s some kind of fancy scientific word for what’s wrong with me…let me Google it…
….apparently I have Metathesiophobia. Anyways, as I have gotten older I have become a little more comfortable with change. Change is good. It can be weird sometimes, but good.

Around May of last year, my cousin, who is my hairdresser, suggested that I chop all my hair off:

“You would look so cute with a long bob haircut!”
“Your hair would have so much more volume!”
“You need it! Your hair is dead anyway.”

And of course my sister agrees…and my mom…and my grandma. This is just what happens when family is involved. But honestly, did they REALLY think I was just going to be like “Oh absolutely just chop it, do whatever you want with it, shave my head bald for all I care.” Absolutely not. My hair has been styled long, exactly the same way, for about a decade. WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT TOGETHER.
I needed to think. So, I started putting my hair behind my shoulders and making it look like it was short so I could get the opinions of just about everyone I knew.

At one point I had this terrible flashback of my awkward stage, when my hair was short and horrendous, that completely nixed the idea for a couple months.

In August, I convinced myself I would look like Lord Farquad from Shrek if I cut it.

Finally after 6 months of back and forth, I just did it. I have no idea what came over me, but I just did it. Don’t know how or why but one day I was just ready.

IMG_0206 (1)

IMG_0217 (1)

If anyone is looking for a fresh, new look, be sure to check out Posh Salon in the Fitness Mill’s plaza. The day I got my hair cut was the first time I had ever been there. It’s ADORABLE and right down the street from campus! My cousin, Bianca, is awesome. She’s a recent cosmo grad and knows everything there is to know about all the new hair trends and techniques like balayage! She is absolutely meticulous and can completely replicate any picture you show her of the look you want! I’m so happy that I did it. In general, I’m beginning to think sometimes we all need a little change.