The 5 Realities of Having a Roommate

Upon your arrival to college, I’m sure you’re extremely nervous and uneasy about the thoughts of having a roommate. This person will share the same room as you, probably some of the same belongings, and eventually they may end up using some of your stuff with or without permission. Living with a roommate isn’t always the easiest of college tasks, but it’s one of the best lessons and experiences I’ve ever had!

Did we just become best friends?

So, here’s a few realities that happen with nearly every roommate you’ll have at some point through your college career:

  1. Your room will often look like a crime scene unless you have established a set day in which you will both organize your things and clean your room.
  2. Whether you know it or not, your roommate will know your entire life – especially if you are close friends.
  3. Your shared space will quickly become disorganized with two people frantically panicking to get up and ready for class in the morning.
  4. They will more-than-likely see you at some of your worst points throughout the year.
  5. And though the last four seem to be breaking points about having a roommate, that same roommate will always be there to comfort you when you need them! I mean, after all, they do live with you.

Having a roommate, in my opinion was one of the best things that had happened upon coming to college. Of course the five things mentioned above are from personal experiences here and each persons experience is different, but my first roommate was my first friend here at UC.

Having someone to talk who is going through the exact same obstacles as you in the beginning is comforting. Your roommate also allows you to find your first friend while you go out and explores the college experience. Your friend group will grow, but your roommate usually will be the one to keep you grounded for a while.