New Semester Resolutions

So, loyal readers, you may recall in my last blog that I mentioned creating goals for myself at the start of each semester rather than at the start of the calendar year. This semester is a bit different, as it is my last semester in undergraduate studies at Utica College! My friend Karita created a senior year bucket list, and I found it to be a great idea to keep in mind when I created my goals for my last spring semester here at UC.

My New Semester Resolutions/ Senior Year Sentiments:

1. Attend as many of my favorite (and free!) UC events as I can- including UCPB nights, Crystal Ball, and Mooseapalooza!

2. Win at Tuesday night trivia! (Hey, 4.0 Laura, I’m going to need your help with this one, lil sis)

3. Do something fun over Spring Break- even if it’s not very far away or tropical!

4. Take advantage of the open swim hours at the UC pool to add variety to my workouts.

5. Take a Saranac Brewery tour, and check out any other local attractions that I have yet to see before I leave Utica.

6. Get a good night’s sleep (most nights, at least!) so I am more alert during my 8:30 AM classes!

7. Make it a priority to do more volunteer work in the area.

8. Take a trip to NYC to see museums and eat tons of new foods!

9. Allow myself more down time and fun, rather than over scheduling every moment as usual.

10. Graduate summa cum laude and go on to graduate school next fall!

Well, there you have it- my goals for the upcoming semester! I think it’s going to be an awesome spring, and I am excited for all of the opportunities ahead. Stay tuned to hear how well I can accomplish everything on my list!


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