My Favorite Professor at Utica College

Utica College is a small school. Class sizes are small, students (most likely) know their professor’s first names, and professors know who shows up to their classes every day (or not). I personally know a good majority of faces on campus, and if I don’t, someone I know probably knows that person in some way or another. On a campus as close-knit as Utica’s, people are bound to interact more personally than at a University with tens-of-thousands of students. I love that. I’ve never once wished I went to a larger school; I love the familiarity.

So, going off of that, this blog post is about my favorite professor at Utica College, but my answer is a bit of a cop-out. I cannot choose a favorite professor, because I have had so many of them and they have all  been wonderful. So many of the professors that I have had left me with such positive impressions of themselves and the subject matter in which they teach. It seems that all of the professors at Utica College genuinely want their students to do well, and care for their students’ well-beings. Plus, as a mentioned before, going to a small school allows for students to really know and appreciate their professors.

As a biology major, I am particularly lucky to have such an incredibly close-knit major within an already close-knit school. The biology professors in particular have shaped my experiences at Utica College as much as the organizations that I’ve become a part of. I have had instances where I went to talk to a professor about content from lecture, but stayed to talk about an issue I was facing in life. I’ve never once felt like a professor of mine did not care to hear what I had to say, even if what I had to say was completely irrelevant.

I’m also a philosophy (of justice) minor and have had the opportunity to delve much further into the subject matter than I ever thought I would. I actually made the decision to add on the minor when I took a critical thinking philosophy course as part of my general requirements. I loved the professor and, in turn, loved the content matter. I’m not sure I would have found the course as great with anyone else teaching it…

Dr. Kurtz, a biology professor, would eat with students in the dining commons every Thursday night to help students if they were struggling with Animal Physiology. (I frequently went and got help with the lecture notes.) Dr. Scanga, another biology professor, taught my favorite course ever, Conservation Biology, and she taught it with such enthusiasm that it was hard to not love her as a professor. Dr. Buchanan taught my evolution class my sophomore year, and he taught me more tolerance for others and their right to their own opinion in one semester than I think I had learned ever.

I could go on forever about how these professors and so many others shaped my experiences, but then I would probably bore everyone with my personal stories. Anyway, professors play a huge role in how students do in a course. If you like the professor you’re more likely to do better with the subject matter just because you don’t dread going to class, or going to their office to ask questions. Here at Utica College, most professors are incredible educators and people, which honestly makes it hard to pick a favorite.