Making Adjustments and Exploring My New Home

I have arrived! Roehampton is a very beautiful campus with incredible architecture. It is composed of four colleges: Southlands, Digby Stuart, Froebel and Whitelands College. I will be living and and attending classes in Southlands College. This week has been super chaotic. I’m getting adjusted to living in a dorm, being in a different place and learning new things about the culture, such as learning to rely on public transportation, which is new because I am used to being able to drive my car wherever I want to go. Now I have to actually think about where I want to go and what modes of transportation I can use. Despite the mini challenges , have had lots of time this week to explore the wonderful city of London.

University of Roehampton
University of Roehampton

I have had many orientations this week, as well. It is strange that they are referring to us as “freshers” because I am not a freshman at UC, but I need to remember that it is my first time here. Saturday we went on a photograph scavenger hunt of London, and it was exciting. We created our teams and were given a list of places we needed to go, but there were not answers, so I didn’t know how we would know if we were at the right places or even close to them. Maybe that was the whole point of the outing, because my group ended up making our own way and some of the best adventures are not planned.

The London Eye
The London Eye

First, we saw Big Ben and the London Eye getting off the train. Right now Big Ben is going through some restoration work so it is not ringing. We ventured to many places including Tower Bridge, The House of Parliament and Sherlock Holmes’ house. We saw the iconic red telephone booths and the double decker buses; they are everywhere in central London. Let’s just say that it is a beautiful city with so much to discover! It’s nice because my school is on the outskirts of central London, and it’s about a 20 minute train ride. Roehampton is a city within a city and London is conveniently located, so you can go into the hustle and bustle of the city whenever you want. When you want to be away from the fast-paced city, you can explore the local areas, like Putney and Hammersith.

Telephone Booth

This week I was also able to meet up with my friend Keishema, who was my sister’s college roommate. It was exciting and also nerve-wracking, because I had to take the train by myself for the first time. We met at Waterloo station and traveled to brunch together. We ate at The Breakfast Club, where they serve breakfast all day, which was amazing because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and the most important. Keishema said that each time we meet up she wants to take me to a place that I haven’t been, so we went to London Bridge, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and The Covert Garden. Each time I explore London it gets prettier and prettier!

Next week classes start, so stay tuned for more intel on what classes are like on the other side of the pond.

—Mary Warfel ’18




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