How to Feel More at Home

Coming from farming country, a close-knit family and pets running around, it was a big transition for me when I first came to Utica College. I therefore found myself homesick, not because of the college, but because of the dramatic difference in lifestyle I had to adjust to. Over the past three years, I have found some ways to make the adjustment so Utica feels more like home than school.

1. Have “family” dinners: At home I have family dinners every night at the dinner table and when I came here it was a lot different. My friends and I started having a “family” dinner time (just a time we could all go eat dinner together) and it really helped! It sounds weird, but being away from family makes you depend on your friends more for support and they become a type of family. Although your family is always there for you no matter where you are!

2. Call your family: Its always so nice to call my family and hear about whats going on at home. For me, I love when I can hear my old grandfather clock and my dogs barking in the background just as much as hearing my family’s voices.

3. Bring stuff from home! It may sound like a waste of space, but I sometimes bring things back to set on my desk or around my room to make it feel like my real bedroom. I have a bunch of Nicholas Sparks books laying around my room (even if I do not have the time to read them here) because thats how my room is back at home.

4. Pictures! This may seem obvious, but sometimes people get worried others may judge them for having pictures of family or friends or pets on the wall. I love having pictures throughout my room. It reminds me I have an amazing support system back home waiting for me… And a horse, two goats, three dogs…IMG_1707

5. Posters and Decorations! When I found out that Utica could be colder than Alaska at times, I decided I wanted my room to be a beach theme to remind myself that it will get warm and sunny! I always find comfort in going back to my room because of all the colors and decorations I have in my room. It covers up the brick walls and makes it feel “homey”. My friends even say that my room is so cozy!

PS: My beta fish also makes my room awesome!!! Sorry I could not get the picture to sit straight up and down! IMG_1708

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