Hey Guys!

My name is Cynthia, I’m a current freshman here at Utica College. I had originally been a health studies student but after a psych 101 class last semester i quickly became interested in the field and with the help of professors I actually switched my major to psychology this semester. Aside from being apart of the blog squad I’m also a member of the Fuerza Latina org here on campus. Meetings are every Wednesday at 5pm, and no you don’t have to be Hispanic to join so stop in at a meeting if you’re interested!

Going away to college was always a far reach for me, which made being able to come to UC more amazing! I was accepted to UC through their Higher Education Opportunities Program. So even if any of you high school seniors who may be reading this think it won’t be possible I assure you there are many options that UC offers. The small classes and really involved professors make it an amazing learning experience.

I’m excited to start blogging and share more with you guys. So stop by to not only check my posts but many of the other bloggers post. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter as well! Hope you’ve enjoyed. Until next time.