Crystal Ball 2015

There are many annual events that make every year at Utica College fun and memorable. These are special UC traditions that students look forward to and are part of what makes the UC community so tight-knit. One of the best events of the year is RHA’s annual Crystal Ball. I have attended my sophomore, junior, and now senior year and always look forward to an evening of dancing, photo booths, and fun with my friends.

Laura, Karita, Cam, Dom, and I loved the photo booth at the Crystal Ball!
Laura, Karita, Cam, Dom, and I loved the photo booth at the Crystal Ball!

It is great to attend a dressier event at an off-campus venue, because it gives me an excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a change of scenery. This year, Crystal Ball was held at Twin Ponds, and plenty of UC students attended and had a great time. There were free shuttles to and from the dance, so students didn’t even have to worry about transportation!

Waiting for the shuttle to take us to Crystal Ball- we stayed bundled up while we waited because of the CNY snow!

The evening was filled with dancing to music played by a DJ, food, and plenty of students who were in great spirits. Did I mention there was a photo booth?! RHA even provided students with a cute souvenir: an Eiffel Tower key chain, because of the dance’s theme, “An Evening in Paris.”

We love selfies.

Overall, Crystal Ball was a great night. I had so much fun with my friends, and was grateful to have been able to enjoy this event all three of the years it was held at UC while I was a student here. Crystal Ball has been an event that I have made some of my best UC memories at, and I hope students who haven’t gone before will consider checking it out in the years to come!


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