Anxiety Level: Applying to Grad School

This is my last semester as an undergraduate student here at Utica College. The past four years have been made up of some of the best times I’ve had and some of the best people I’ve met. But let me tell you, these past 1,000 days or so have flown by! And now – its time to start another adventure…

Grad school was something I have thought about in the past but I always shied away from the idea of attending MORE school. However, earlier this fall, I decided it was something I absolutely wanted to do for a few reasons. First of all, I was worried about if I could mentally take more schooling but then I thought; four years of undergrad flew, what’s two or three more at this point!? Secondly, after seeing all the greater opportunities that came along with a graduate degree, it seemed like the best option for me. And finally, I’ve spent most of my life in school – I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art of being a student and I think I could rock grad school!

I am in the middle of applying for acceptance in the Utica College Masters of Business Administration program. For now, the hard part is applying. When I started this process I was overwhelmed and honestly, didn’t know where to start. My first step was to contact the counselors in Graduate Admissions. I can easily say they have made applying manageable and easier than I ever thought it would be!

Somethings that are required for my application are a personal statement, at least two letters of recommendation, the application its self and a copy of my most recently updated resume. At first, this list of requirements gave me anxiety. After talking to a bunch of faculty and staff for advice I took away a few good tips for each of these requirement.

Letters of Recommendations:

  • Ask for one letter from an education resource like a professor and ask for the other from someone who will represent your extra curricular life like a boss. Also- make sure your references know you on a personal level so that your personal flare will reflect in the letter.

The Application:

  • This part of the application process is supper straight forward and it made the whole experience much easier when I got that out of the way first.

The Personal Statement:

  • At first I had a really hard time with this – I was overthinking and felt pressured for it to be “perfect”. After taking a break and a few deep breaths I gave it another try and this time I told myself to just be genuine and realize that the best I can do is just be myself.

My Resume:

  • My resume was a train wreck! I made sure to do it as best I could by myself then I made an appointment with the Career Services office for them to look it over and make improvements. They met with me and pimped out my resume! 


all my hard work paid off! I am officially enrolled into the MBA program here at Utica College. I will begin my Masters of Business Administration this summer! WOOOHOOOO!