An open letter to incoming freshman from a jealous senior

An open letter from a jealous senior to all incoming freshman

This year UC has been graced with the largest freshman class in history. Over 650 students picked a quaint private college that not many have heard of in central NY, to call home for the next four years. This is only good news for Utica College. UC is finally getting the attention it deserves. The more the merrier right? Well, despite the obvious reasons this is a good thing, you may hear some negative comments from the upperclassman. “The Freshman this year are so annoying” “The caf is so claustrophobic with all these freshman” “The freshman act so entitled”, etc. If you’re a freshman and overhear any of these comments, you may be thinking the UC upperclassman are not so wonderful. I’ve decided to play devil’s advocate and write an open letter to explain the senior to freshman relationship and why it is the way it is.

Dear freshman,

Despite contrary to popular belief, seniors do not hate you just because you are a freshman. No senior has a true vendetta against you just because you’re younger and new to the school. In fact, we’re jealous of you. No really we are. Bitter even. Why? We see ourselves in you.

It may not seem like it to you, but I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday. I can remember every emotion, every fear, every sight, every smell, and every sound of the first day I stepped on Utica’s campus. The excitement, anticipation, and anxiety was like nothing I’ve felt thus far in life. Nothing compares to the anticipation of starting your first year of college. Before you know it you’re immersed in this wonderful false reality. Meeting new people every day becomes your hobby, you’re finally free of parental supervision, you’re taking all these new grown up classes that relate to your chosen career, you’re able to make up your own schedule, if you don’t want to do something no one makes you. It’s an amazing feeling be a freshman in college but the thing is you often don’t realize that till it’s too late.

Why are seniors so bitter? Because we wish we were you. Truth is the majority of us seniors would do anything to go back and start from scratch again. Not because we’re unhappy with our choices but because we’d love to have the opportunity to do it just one more time.

College is something that not everyone has the privilege of having and it too often gets taken for granted. I for one will admit that I took the four years spent at UC for granted, and not because I’m a spoiled. Mostly because I and many other young people had the false ideology that time is endless, when it is in fact anything but.

Four years may seem like an eternity to you now but trust me, it goes by in a blink of an eye. Which brings me to my point, please do all us seniors a favor and live your freshman year of college like it’s your last one. If you have an interest or want to do something, go for it. Wanna join an org? Join it. Want to take a class that has nothing to do with your major but you have a personal interest in it? Take it. Want to go out for a team you may not make? Try out for it. Want to pledge a fraternity or a sorority? Pledge for it. Want to try a sport you’ve always had an interest in playing but don’t know how? Join the intramural team. Want to be in a play? Audition for it. You’ll never know until you try.

The next four years of college are what you make of it. What no one tells you is that your freshman year sets the foundation for your entire college experience. What you choose to do today, helps form you into the student you’ll be four years from now. The matter of fact is the friends you make today may or may not last. People transfer, find out college isn’t for them, or leave for other reasons. Nothing is guaranteed or set in stone. But getting as involved in this campus as possible, will never be something you regret.

Now is the time to do the things you want to do for you. Its four years of peer approved selfishness. So if you want to get involved in something do it right now. Your time in college is unfortunately not endless.

In conclusion, try to remember that every snarky senior was once in your shoes, and we remember it like it was yesterday. We’d do anything to be in your shoes again but that’s not possible. So, make our legacy continue after we’re long gone. Join our organizations to make sure they continue to bring happiness and involvement to campus, take our classes with dedication and seriousness, treat our students and employees with respect and admiration, and make this the kind of school that everyone would want to attend. It’s up to you to continue making this school greater than it was when we left it. Make us all proud with what you choose to do with it.

A jealous senior

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