7 ways to stay pretty/happy on a college budget

Girls…this one is for you. When people are on a budget, they seem to cut-down their spending to “necessities” only. But, there are certain things that we like to do, whether people want to believe it or not, that ARE in fact necessities (shopping, beauty products, nails, etc). Luckily I have this budgeting down to a science. So for all you non-locals who may not know where to go or what to do, I have made-up a list for your convenience.

Here are some ways to prevent lack-of-funds from getting the best of you:

1. Embrace the Dunkin Student Discount 

On those days that you know you just “CAN’T” POSSIBLY get through the day without a large pumpkin coffee from Dunkin, remember to always always always tell them “Oh [hehe] I have my student ID” at the window. It is not a large discount, but if you are a loyal customer like me, those nickels and dimes WILL add up.

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2. Don’t let your nails wither away to stubs
I’m addicted to getting my nails done, and I often “treat myself” (or that’s what I tell myself anyway to justify spending money). There’s just something about having them done that makes me feel like I have my life together. You can get a gel polish change for a measly $11. Yes, that’s right, $11 (Fashion Nails in New Hartford).
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3. Ditch your Victoria Secret leggings

Leggings are a necessity, and yes, THEY ARE PANTS. Especially in the fall/winter/spring, it’s probably a good idea to have multiple pairs in your wardrobe (don’t be that girl with the see-through, faded, old leggings). The problem is, if you buy multiple pairs of VS leggings, you are going to get those annoying texts from your bank saying that “your account is below $____.” So, shop around. Look for deals at TJ Maxx. I have even bought leggings at Walmart before… they are $12 and guess what? They look like leggings, they feel like leggings, so they must be leggings.

4. Invest in dry shampoo; it will change your life.
I always thought the more I washed my hair, the better. Turns out washing daily isn’t good. One thing to invest in is definitely some dry shampoo. People always ask me how/ why my hair is always done (my friends always joke and say, “Marissa, why are you always ready for prom?”). What they don’t know is that it takes me five minutes to do because it’s leftover from yesterday.

5. Crest 3D White Toothpaste… People will stare at you in awe
I use Crest 3D white toothpaste and that works amazing. People are ALWAYS asking me how I get my teeth so white. Well, the secret is out; it’s my $3 toothpaste.

IMG_2077 (1)

6. Your tan doesn’t have to be a thing of the past
The most depressing time of the year is when you have to buy new makeup because your summer makeup is now too dark for your pasty face. Well, if you need a bronze pick-me-up, I’ve got the solution. Now, I know there has always been this stigma surrounding the world of spray tans, BUT they have gotten much much better. Coming out orange and blotchy is no longer a thing. I don’t spray tan usually unless it’s a special occasion, but some of my friends do it consistently. A local tanning-salon, Zoom Tan, runs weekly specials offering spray tans for as cheap as $2 or $3.

7. Make-up setting spray—it’s actually just a bottle of magic
If you find that your makeup completely just melts off on the weekends after going out to crowded party or bar, you NEED to try a makeup setting spray. It’s similar to hairspray (only it glues your makeup on). Try the one from Urban Decay. They have a small sample bottle up front at Ulta for $14 (mine lasted me a couple months). You will wake up the morning after you went out to your makeup almost as flawless as the day before.