Forms and Procedures for Graduate Students

Forms and Procedures for Graduate Students

Forms and Procedures for Graduate Students

Note: Some forms are PDFs and others are links to online forms. Most of the PDF forms are "fillable" so you can type in the information, then print and sign. Typing information into the PDF form is preferred.

Registration and Course Credit Forms

Graduate Transfer Credit Form - to receive credit for a course taken prior to attending UC
Permission to Study at Another Institution Form - to receive credit for a course to be taken after matriculating at UC; must be submitted BEFORE taking the course
Alternative Degree Requirement (ADR) Form - to make degree requirement course substitutions for courses already on a student's UC record
Experience Credit Application for Graduate Students - Experience credit is limited to six credits, and the experience  must have produced the learning equivalent to taking a course in the program
Liberal Studies (LST 691 and LST 692) Research Application Form - student must complete form before being allowed to register for LST 691 or LST 692
Graduate Tutorial/Independent Study Application Form - in order to register for a course as a tutorial or independent study

Leave and Readmit Forms

Graduate Leave of Absence Form - one form per semester/term - if registered for courses in the semester taking leave, student must also submit Complete Withdrawal Form (below).  The Graduate Leave of Absence Formform can also be used to apply for a Medical Leave of Absence. The purpose of the medical leave of absence is to maintain your health coverage if you are insured by a parent and your parent's health insurer requires you to be in school full-time in order to maintain coverage
Complete Withdrawal Form - will withdraw student from ALL active courses for which s/he is registered for the term indicated. Student will receive an e-mail at his/her Utica College e-mail account as confirmation form was submitted, the student must also submit Graduate Leave of Absence Form (above)
Graduate Application for Readmission - required in order for a student who's status at Utica College has rolled to "Inactive" due to lack of continuous enrollment (please allow up to two weeks for processing).
Change of Program Form -
This form is used to request a change from one matriculated graduate program to another.

Graduate Thesis/Capstone Project Forms

Graduate Thesis/Capstone Project Implementation Form - one online form per student, required during the thesis/capstone project process.
Graduate Thesis/Capstone Modification Form - one form per student, only required if there has been a change in a student's research topic or in committee membership (fillable form - please type)
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Research Proposal Application - required if a student's thesis/capstone project involves research with human subjects (e.g., survey, interviews)
Graduate Thesis/Capstone Project Completion Form - one online form per student - required during the thesis/capstone project process

Thesis/Capstone Project Information

NOTE:  The Graduate Research Policies and Procedures document is no longer being used. Information from the document was moved to either the Graduate Catalog or the Formatting and Submission Guide (below).
* For a description of theses and capstone projects as well as other CAE's and a breakdown by program see the Culminating Academic Experience Overview page. Programs which are noted on the chart as completing a thesis or capstone project must submit the Graduate Thesis/Capstone Project forms and follow the ETD submission process.
Formatting and Submission Guide - required procedures for students submitting a thesis/capstone project
Word Document Template for Thesis/Capstone Project- open, "save as" to make it your own, and plug and play with your content!  Strongly recommended to ensure proper formatting and organization!
Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Utica College - additional information about the IRB

Comprehensive Exam Forms

Comprehensive Exam Application Form - required by the student to schedule a comprehensive exam
Comprehensive Exam Completion Form - required by the department in order for the student to graduate


NOTE: Applying for Degree is required in order to receive your diploma and is a separate process from attending a Commencement Ceremony.  Participating in the Commencement Ceremony, however, is optional and does not guarantee receipt of your diploma.  In turn Applying for Degree does not serve as your RSVP to attend Commencement.

Graduate Application for Degree - submitted in last semester by deadline in order to graduate, for students receiving a DPT, MS, MBA, or MSED

Graduate Certificate Students Application for Degree
- submitted in last semester by deadline in order to graduate, for students receiving a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)

Commencement Ceremony Information  - which includes:
     * RSVP - Attendance Notification
     * Order Cap, Gown, and Hood


Graduate Catalog
Graduate Program Director Handbook - also on the Information for Faculty webpage under Department Chairs 

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