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With academic programs that range from business economics and finance to accountancy, cybersecurity, fraud and financial crime investigation to cybersecurity, Utica College’s School of Business and Justice Studies offers an innovative and fully-integrated collection of programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in some of the world’s most dynamic professions.

ECJS: (315) 792-3060 / Brvenik: (315) 792-3055
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ECJS Building, Room 102 / Brvenik Center for Business Education (Clark City Center), Room 115

With world-class faculty bringing real-world experience to the classroom, students in UC’s School of Business and Justice Studies program receive hands-on involvement in an environment suited to their goals and needs, guiding them on their path to becoming the business leaders, accountants, cybersecurity experts, and investigators of tomorrow.

Utica College is a leading college in cybersecurity education and has been has been designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CD) by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. UC has also been honored with the designation as a a National Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence (CDFAE) by the Defense Cyber Crime Center and an Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) by the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council), the world’s largest cyber security technical certification body.


Stephanie Nesbitt, J.D.
Dean, School of Business and Justice Studies

Programs and Majors Departments

Business and Economics

Executive Director, Business Programs and Accounting Coordinator
Glen Hansen, Ph.D.

Director, Health Care Management Programs
Maria DeGiglio, M.A.
The Raymond Simon Institute for Public Relations
Executive Director: Patricia Swann, M.S.

B.B.A. in Accounting (online)
B.S. in Accounting
B.B.A. in Business Administration (online)
B.S. in Business Economics and Finance
B.S. in Business Management
B.A. in Economics
B.S. in Health Care Management
B.S. in Public Relations
B.B.A. in Public Relations and Marketing
B.B.A. in Sports Management


Public Relations
Risk Management

Graduate Programs:
M.B.A. Economic Crime and Fraud Management
M.B.A. General Management
M.B.A. Professional Accountancy
M.S. Accounting
M.H.A. Health Care Administration


Atasi Basu - Accounting
Elizabeth Burback - Marketing
Mary Cooper - Accounting
Maria DeGiglio - Health Care Administration
Donna Dolansky - Accounting
Richard Fenner - Economics
Samuel Ferrara - Management
Glen Hansen - Accounting
Zhaodan Huang - Economics/Finance
Matthew Marmet - Management
Margaret Morgan-Davie - Economics
Stephanie Nesbitt - Risk Management and Insurance
Brett Orchechowski - Management and Media
Herbert Rau - Marketing
Thomas Rossi - Management
Mehmet Sencicek - Economics
Patricia Swann - Public Relations and Management
Christopher Tingley - Marketing

Construction Management

Director: Dimitar Todorov, Ph.D.

Dimitar Todorov
Audrey Cross
Randall DeFranco

Economic Crime, Justice Studies, and Cybersecurity

Director, Justice Studies Programs
Gregory Walsh, Ed.D.

Director, Financial Crime Programs 
Donald Rebovich, Ph.D.

Director, Cybersecurity Programs
Leslie Corbo, D.Sc.

Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP)

Executive Director: Donald Rebovich, Ph.D.

Northeast Cyber Forensics Center (NCFC)

Director:  Anthony Martino, M.S.

Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute

Executive Director:  Bernard Hyman, Jr., J.D.


B.S. in Criminal Intelligence Analysis
B.S. in Criminal Justice
B.S. in Cybersecurity
B.S. in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation (formerly Economic Crime)


Criminal Intelligence Analysis
Criminal Justice
Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation

Graduate Programs:

M.S. in Cybersecurity
M.S. in Financial Crime and Compliance Management
M.P.S. in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis


Abdulbast Abushgra - Cybersecurity
James Brown - Criminal Justice
Kyungseok Choo - Criminal Justice and Sociology
Leslie Corbo - Cybersecurity
Austen Givens - Cybersecurity
Maxim Gorbachevsky - Cybersecurity
Bernard Hyman - Criminal Justice and Financial Crime
Suzanne Lynch -  Criminal Justice and Financial Crime
Ismael Morales - Cybersecurity
Leonard Popyack - Cybersecurity
Robert Price - Cybersecurity
Donald Rebovich - Criminal Justice and Financial Crime
David Smith - Cybersecurity
Robert Swenszkowski - Criminal Justice
Shanna Van Slyke - Criminal Justice and Sociology
William Virkler - Criminal Justice
Gregory Walsh - Criminal Justice and Cybersecurity

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More on the School of Business and Justice Studies

The School of Business and Justice Studies houses undergraduate programs in:

  • Business and Economics
  • Construction Management
  • Economic Crime, Justice Studies, and Cybersecurity
  • Public Relations and Journalism

The School also offers graduate programs in:

  • M.S. Accounting
  • M.S. Cybersecurity
  • M.P.S. Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis
  • M.B.A. Economic Crime and Fraud Management
  • M.S. Financial Crime and Compliance Management
  • M.B.A. General Management
  • M.H.A. Health Care Management
  • M.B.A. Professional Accountancy

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In addition, the School oversees a number of important co-curricular activities at the College. This includes:

Lecture Series 
Management Invited Lecture Series 

Institutes and Centers 
Center for Identity Management and Information Protection 
Northeast Cyber Forensics Center (NCFC) 
The Economic Crime & Cybersecurity Institute 
Mohawk Valley Center for Economic Education
The Raymond Simon Institute for Public Relations 

Student Organizations 
Accounting Society
Alpha Phi Sigma - The National Criminal Justice Honor Society
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Cyber Patriots
Gamma Iota Sigma - Professional Risk Management and Insurance Fraternity 
Investment Association
Organization of Justice Studies (OJS)
Pioneer Builders  
PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) 
SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) 
Society of Collegiate Journalists
Tau Mu Epsilon Public Relations Honorary Society

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