Read & Write Gold

Read & Write Gold

Software to help you read, write, study, and research
Available on all UC lab and library computers
Available for you to install on your own PC or MAC

About the Application

Read & Write Gold is an award winning literacy software that can help you excel independently as a college student! The innovative features of the software support student achievement.

The easy to use toolbar seamlessly integrates with mainstream software programs such as
  • Microsoft Word,
  • Internet Explorer, and
  • Adobe Reader.

Software Features

Reading support features such as:

  • Text to Speech – words are highlighted as text is read aloud using male or female voices
  • Screenshot Reader – reads aloud text embedded within an image or Flash, locked PDFs, or online applications
  • Scanner – Scan documents or images into Word, Pages, HTML, or PDF format
  • Screen Masking – tint the screen using colors, like an overlay, to help readers focus while reading
  • Translator- allows text to be translated in multiple languages
  • Dictionary – provides definitions as well as alternative words
  • PDF Aloud – reads aloud with highlighting any accessible Adobe Acrobat PDF file
  • DAISY Reader – reads DAISY format books aloud

Writing support features such as:

  • Phonetic Spell Checker – analyzes and corrects spelling and returns suggestions for common spelling errors.
  • Word Prediction – learns the writer’s style, predicts the word they are typing and the word they want to use next
  • Verb Checker – helps determine correct verb conjugation
  • Fact Finder – search the web for relevant information about a topic
  • Fact Mapper – use for brainstorming, drafting, and revising ideas
  • Speech Input – dictate to the computer using a microphone to automatically type a text document

Study support features such as:

  • Speech Maker: select any text and convert it into a sound file, such as MP3, using high quality voices
  • Highlighters – use highlighters in different colors to create study guides, outlines, and vocabulary lists

Research support features such as:

  • Fact Folder – prepare and store information for research and writing assignments, capture text and pictures, classify facts, record their source, automatically generate bibliographies

Learn more

Visit the Read & Write Gold home page at (Note: you will need your UC network login to access the page.)

The Read & Write Gold literacy software is funded by a PASS (Personal Achievement – Stronger Students) Project Grant provided by the New York Newspapers Foundation. Grant writers: Sarah Burnett-Wolle and Kateri Henkel

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Judy C. Borner

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