Graduate Studies - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Because the same questions often get asked over and over again, the Office of Graduate Studies has provided answers below to the most frequently asked questions.  If you do not see the answer to your question here, please check the Academic Policies and Procedures in the most recent Graduate Catalog and/or contact our office so that we may assist you.

More frequently asked questions that apply to all students, both undergraduate and graduate, can be found on the Student Affairs website here.

Q: Where do I go to register for classes?

A: Registering for all courses is now done online via BannerWeb. If you have questions regarding registration or need to register in person, the Office of the Registrar is available for assistance. An Online Registration Tutorial is available to walk you through the registration process.

Q: If I need to take a semester off from graduate classes, what should I do?

A: Graduate students must be enrolled in credit bearing courses, enrolled in a 997/998 Continuous Student Enrollment course, or on an approved leave of absence. Any graduate student needing to take time off from school must submit a completed Leave of Absence Form requesting the leave. If you're already enrolled in one or more courses and wish to withdraw from ALL courses in a given term, you must submit a Complete Withdrawal Form. See the Forms link to the left for these forms.

Q: What is Continuous Enrollment?

A: Graduate students who have completed all the course requirements for their degree except for the culminating academic experience (thesis, capstone project, comprehensive exam, or portfolio/dossier) must maintain continuous enrollment until the culminating academic experience is successfully completed. Failure to enroll in a 997 continuous enrollment course will result in the loss of matriculated status, which may affect your degree requirements. Please note that 997 continuous enrollment carries a $500 fee.

Q:What is a culminating academic experience (CAE)?

A: In keeping with the requirements of the New York State Department of Education, Utica College requires that all graduate students complete research or a comparable occupational or professional experience, which the College calls Culminating Academic Experiences (CAEs). Each graduate program determines which experience option(s) are available to students in the program (e.g., thesis, capstone project, comprehensive exam, portfolio/dossier). At Utica College, individual graduate programs have program-specific research requirements. Click the Culminating Academic Experiences (CAEs) link above for information about the options and broad definitions for each. *Programs which are noted on the chart as completing a thesis or capstone project must submit the Graduate Thesis/Capstone Project forms and follow the ETD submission process.

Q: What happens if I lose matriculated status?

A: Loss of matriculated status means that the student will need to start repaying any student loans, they will no longer have access to UC e-mail or to electronic library resources, and they will need to apply through the Office of the Registrar to be reactivated in order to regain matriculated status and be allowed to register for courses or receive their degree. The Application for Readmission form can also be found via the Forms link to the left. Students who return after losing matriculated status are readmitted under the terms of the catalog appropriate to the new matriculation term, which may mean different academic requirements in order to graduate.

Q: If I need proof of enrollment at Utica College, where do I go?

A: The Office of the Registrar can provide you the documentation needed for proof of enrollment.  They are located in 123 White Hall.

Q: How do I pay tuition?  What are the current tuition and fees?

A: Tuition and many other Utica College bills should be paid online via your Student Account in BannerWeb. To view your bill, see other ways in which payments can be made, or obtain financial aid information, visit Student Financial Services (SFS) online or in 117 Hubbard Hall. Students should contact SFS for up-to-date information on tuition and fees.

Q: How do I access my student account information?

You can find access to your student account information and student records, by going to Banner Web and click on "Enter Secure Area."  Once you are logged in, go to the "Student and Financial Aid" and click on Student Account this will give you access to:
> View Your Account Summaries
> View Your Account Activity
> Make a Secure Payment
> View Your Recent Payments
In BannerWeb you will also have access to the following:
> View Holds
> View Mid-Term Grades
> View Academic Transcript
> View Degree Evaluation (courses still needed to graduate)

Q:  How long can I keep my UC email account?

Student email accounts remain active for six months beyond being registered for classes – this also applies to alumni. Alumni are able to retain their email account beyond that six month period by following instructions sent to their utica email address 30 days prior to the account being deleted; these 6-month extensions for Alumni will be granted as long as they continue to request them. Note that students or alumni may need to reset their password to gain access to their email account. To activate or reset your UC password, go to
A: CLEP exams are administered throughout the year at different  colleges and universities. Once you find a conveniently located test center, contact them directly about registration and scheduling.  To find a test center, go to  Look under Next Steps (right side of page). Click on find a test center. Type in your zipcode, state and city to search for all locations.

A: If you are a campus-based student you need to go to Student Activities and have your picture taken and they will give you your ID on site. If you are an online student you need to visit the Utica Online page and click on the gray box in the upper right corner. You will need to login with your Utica College username and password, review your information, and hit submit. A UC ID will be mailed to you in within 2 weeks.

A: In BannerWeb you will click on "Enter Secure Area", then "Student and Financial Aid"' then "Student Records", then "Academic Transcript". You will then select the transcript level of Graduate and click submit. Your unofficial academic transcript will appear. The first section will be your student information, then your curriculum information, and then degrees awarded. In the degrees awarded you will either see "sought" (meaning you are still in the progress of earning your degree and have at least one more semester left), "pending" (meaning you have applied for degree and your application is in reveiw), or "awarded" (meaning that you have applied for degree and the review has been conducted and you are now a GRADUATE!!).
A: If you can see the class in your Degree Evaluation but under the grade column you see asterisks, then your grade has not been entered by your professor. If you do not see the course at all and you are registered for it you should contact OGS at or (315) 792-3335.



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