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Issue 41

Spotlight: The Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success is neighbors to OGS and home to the Completion Navigators. Similar to the services that OGS provides for graduate students, Student Success mainly supports undergraduate students connecting them to college resources, helping them get involved in the campus community, and guiding them through their college years. But, did you know they also offer seminars and workshops that apply to both undergraduate and graduate students with topic such as goal setting, time management, note and test taking skills, and more?

Student Success has graciously invited OGS and graduate students to join them in their Trax to Success workshop series. As we all know, graduate school can take a lot of energy, organization and a school/work/life balancing act. Going back to the basics and reviewing resources that promote success in the classroom are great places to start if you feel like you are struggling to stay afloat. All of the Trax to Success workshops will be on Wednesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 4 pm in the Student Success office (122 White Hall, right next door to OGS).

If you would like to attend one of these workshops please email at least one day prior to the session. A member of the OGS staff will join in on the workshop and be available to answer any graduate specific questions. Graduate Students who attend these workshops will receive a $5 declining balance for each session attended (you must check in with the OGS staff member at the workshop to verify your attendance and provide any necessary information to receive the declining balance).

In addition to these workshops, Student Success can also provide students interested in starting an organization or planning an event for a specific cause with advice and resources to jump start the process.
Below is a full list of the workshops for October and November ending in with a De-Stress Fest right before finals.

Trax to Success Workshops


October 18 & 19: Midterm De-Stress Fest
October 25 & 26: Recharge & Staying Motivated
November 1 & 2: Registration 101 & Planning for Next Semester
November 8 & 9: #PerfectPresentations
November 15 & 16: Grade Calculations
November 22 & 23: OFF Thanksgiving Break!
November 29 & 30: Final Exam Preparation
December 6: De-Stress Fest

RSVP to attend:
At least one day prior to the session.
Include your name, program, and which session and time slot you plan to attend

Student Success Contact Information
Location: 122 White Hall
Phone: (315) 223-2555


Take Your Writing to the Graduate Level

dictionary pen paper

Writing skills are a fundamental aspect of attending graduate school. In graduate school writing is much more intensive than in an undergraduate program. This means that students will need more than just the ability to recognize the correct answer. Writing at this level requires the ability to recall, identify, examine, and explain the correct answer. Some tips that will help you, as a graduate student, get past undergraduate writing into a graduate level of writing are as follows: Be direct; Avoid unnecessary first person tense; Use strong transitions; Control your sentence structure.

The first tip is to avoid “wishy-washy” language. Look for words in your paper like “maybe”, “suggest”, or “possibly” and replace them with words or phrases that convey certainty. For more information on this visit:

The second tip is to avoid using the word “I”. Using “I” gives readers the perception that your writing is too casual. Some students ask how to state their opinions without using the word “I”, and the answer to that is if you are writing it, it is your opinion. If I say “The article examining graduate level writing is a hoax,” it is more effective than “I think the article examining graduate level writing is a hoax” but I am stating my opinion in both.

The third tip is to control your sentence structure. This means that you are not letting your sentences get so long that the reader gets lost in what you are trying to say. It is better to be succinct and clear than to prove you have an extensive vocabulary.

The fourth tip is to use strong transitions. Transitions are an important part of any paper since they guide the reader through your paper.

Lastly avoid all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. This means enlisting an editor if you need to, errors like this are the easiest and most preventable ways to lose points on your paper.

Many graduate students believe that writing at the graduate level involves using complex sentences and fancy words but the real goal is to clearly present your points to the reader. If your paper lacks clarity and sentence structure you have wasted yours and your reader’s time.

Writing skills for the graduate level writer can be learned. It may take some time and research but one of the keys to graduate level writing is that YOU are the one who did all the research, therefore YOU are the expert, and you are using other experts to supplement YOUR expertise.
To get you in the mood to write your culminating academic paper, check out this upbeat video!


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Important Dates:

Please note upcoming deadlines:

Oct 15-

Application for Degree Deadline

Oct. 20 - D1 ends

Oct. 23 - D2 begins

Oct 27 - Last day to Add/Drop a D2 course

Nov 3 - Deadline to withdraw from a full term course.

Nov 13 - Spring registration opens

Nov 22-24 - Thanksgiving break for ground courses

Nov 27 - Deadline to withdraw from a D2 course

Dec 2 - Last day of full term courses

Dec 12-15 - Final exams for ground full term courses.

Dec 15 - D2 and D3 ends

Dec 31 - Degree conferral date

2017-2018 Flu Clinics:

On Monday, October 16 and Wednesday October 18 from 1-4pm in Strebel Student Lounge, the UC Health Center will be sponsoring a Flu Shot Clinic. Flu Shots will be free for UC students. No appointment necessary, don't let the flu take hold of you! emergency room. The Health Center can be reached at 315-792-3094.

Did You Know: Google Hangouts

Looking for an easier way to get in contact with the Office of Graduate Studies?

Students will now be able to utilize the Google Hangout function within their Utica College email account to contact OGS. Google Hangouts functions similar to an instant message / chat feature. A staff member from OGS will be monitoring the email account and available to answer questions during normal business hours (8:30am-5:00pm). Once signed in, simply click on the [+] symbol on the left side of the page below the list of mailboxes, type in and send your message.


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