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Issue 40

Meet the 2017 Graduate Commencement
Speaker, Jaime (Meyer) McHale!


Jaime (Meyer) McHale ’04 & G’06 is the owner and director of Right Starts Occupational Therapy, a pediatric therapy practice in Toms River, New Jersey. She received her bachelor’s degree in health studies and master’s degree in occupational therapy from Utica College, and she was a member of the OT Society, Asa Gray Society, America Reads and Student Senate. Jaime completed her pediatric affiliation at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and was previously an OT at Children’s Specialized Hospital in Toms River, New Jersey. Jaime specializes in treating children with varying degrees of special needs, and she also volunteers in her community with organizations for children with disabilities and autism. Jaime has expanded her practice as a therapist to encompass the healing arts and is a certified provider of alternative treatment modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy and NeuroEmotional Technique. She co-authored a book, STARS Social Skills Training and Readiness Skills, which outlines fun, interactive, and motivating group-based activities to enhance the social skills of children with autism and other special needs. Jaime married Brian McHale ’04 & G’06 in 2008, and they reside in Toms River with their two boys.

The Write Idea: Writing a Resume for Promotionresume writing article

By the time you reach graduate school, you likely have had to write at least one resume. Being a graduate student may pose new questions in regard to resume writing, as receiving your master’s or doctoral degree can open up the path to furthering your career or lead to a promotion. So, what is different about a resume when you are seeking an internal promotion versus applying for a new job? Grad Connect spoke with Halina Lotyczewski, Utica College’s Director of Career Services to find out.
It’s especially important, Halina emphasizes, for a promotional resume to be achievement oriented. Move past general job descriptions and focus on evidence based achievements to illustrate specific successes, especially those that speak directly to the expectations of the position to which you’re applying. Do not assume that because you are an internal candidate, those reviewing your resume will already know you and your abilities; you still need to sell yourself. When highlighting your achievements, validate them with accurate facts and figures. This kind of quantitative information, sometimes referred to as metrics, offers the reader something tangible. Some points to include are demonstrable leadership skills, increases in productivity and efficiency, cost cutting, trainings, supervisory experience, and any work completed that went above and beyond your general job description. For an example, consider the following comparison:

“Streamlined the patient intake process, allowing for more efficient office operations.”
“Streamlined the patient intake process, reducing wait time by 30% and increasing number of patients seen by 10 per day.”

Clearly, the latter offers the kind of detail that would be more impressive to your reader and helps to reinforce your argument that you are ready to take on more responsibility in a promotional position.
It is important to keep your resume up-to-date, as opportunities for a promotion may arise when you least expect them. Sudden departmental changes may present the opportunity for a promotion, and you will want to be ready. To help, keep an organized log of the facts and figures referenced above, even if your employer does not require you to do so. Such a list would also come in handy for performance evaluations, which many organizations conduct yearly. So, keep your resume updated, and be ready, because you never know when the opportunity will arise!

For more information about writing resumes and other career development resources, visit or contact them at or 315-792-3087.


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Important Dates:

Please note upcoming deadlines:

 April 30 - Full term courses end

May 5 - D2 courses end

May 6 - Graduate Commencement Cermeony

May 7 - Degree Conferral Date

May 7 - Approved Phase III form, thesis and capstone project official ETD submission, and thesis defense deadline.

What to expect at commencement:

Click here to see our video about walking across the stage.

Did you know:

  Facts about Graduate Commencement...

Family Viewing Room- A family viewing room will be available if guests and their children need a break from the formal atmosphere of the ceremony. This will be located in the Romano Room opposite the upstairs balcony seating near the Titanic staircase. A live stream of the ceremony will be playing in this room so guest can continue watching.

Live Stream- The ceremony will also be streamed live at for any guests that would like to see ceremony but cannot attend in person. In addition to the live stream, a video recording will also be available about a week after the ceremony on the Utica College YouTube website.

• Reception
- Following the commencement ceremony, a reception will be held on the Utica College campus at the Rose Garden. All faculty, staff, students and guests are invited to the reception. In the case of inclement weather, the reception will be held in Harold T. Clark Athletic Center.

Color of the Hood - The color of the facing of the academic hood denotes the discipline from which the degree is earned: Physical Therapy is Teal, Education is Light blue, Occupational Therapy is Slate Blue, Health Care Administration is Salmon, Economic Crime Management is Purple, Business Administration is Brown, Cybersecurity is Gold, and Liberal Studies is Yellow. The color of the hood lining denotes the institution awarding the degree, in this case Utica College colors- blue and orange.
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