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You’re fascinated by the science of life. You’re curious about the living organisms that inhabit our planet and the diverse and complex ways they function. You want a future with a wide range of opportunities in medicine or healthcare. Biology may be the major for you.

Why Utica College

The biology major at Utica College educates students about life science by helping them to become active scientists. Students benefit from extremely personalized training and an innovative curriculum that features a strong focus on research methodology, hands-on learning, and rich opportunities for both laboratory and field research, both independently and with faculty. Students can earn research credit, gain valuable field and lab experience, and publish their research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Many biology professors have been honored with the college's awards for distinguished teaching, research, or both.

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Biology at Utica

Career Opportunities

As a core of scientific study, biology expands into multiple areas, industries and specialties, with related career fields that can include:
    • Research
    • Teaching
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Management
    • Engineering
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UC offers nine laboratories dedicated to biology instruction and research on campus.
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National Exposure

23 students presented research at national conferences, and faculty published 14 research articles with 8 student co-authors in the past 5 years.

What You'll Learn

The biology major begins with general biology and research methods courses during the freshman year, followed by foundational study in:

• Cellular/Molecular Biology
• Ecology / Evolution
• Structural/Functional Biology
• Organismal Biology

as well as upper-level biology electives and a three-credit senior-level integrated biological experience.  Graduates are proficient in research and technical skills including experimental design, microscopy, molecular techniques, basic biochemical analyses, dissection, and computer use.

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Biology at Utica College

A Degree That Works

A UC biology degree prepares students for career paths in medicine, teaching, research, environmental management, and commercial industries. Many graduates go on to earn advanced degrees and have taken leadership positions at:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Cornell University
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • General Electric
  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • IBM
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Viktoria Yudchits ‘18

A brief conversation with Viktoria Yudchits '18 - a dual biology / philosophy major with a minor in chemistry - about how her experience at Utica College and her volunteer work in Kenya helped solidify her plan to become a pediatrician.

Student Voices: Hardik Nariya '17

A conversation with Hardik Nariya, who is pursuing a biology major and chemistry minor at UC. An international student from India, Hardik talks about his original research into the effects of light pollution, his relationships with faculty, and more.

Student Voices: Mary Brockett '15

A brief conversation with Mary Brockett '15, graduate of Utica College's biology program, about her experiences as a researcher, a presenter at a major scientific conference, and an active member of the UC community.

Student Voices: Cody Plasterer

Biology major Cody Plasterer discusses what made him choose Utica College and how the one-on-one relationships with faculty members helped stimulate and enhance both his research and campus life at UC.

Student Voices: Jordan Hobaica

Hockey player and Biology major Jordan Hobiaca discusses how the blend of programs and athletic offerings at Utica College made for the perfect fit when choosing a school.

Science at Utica College

Matt Wadas 11

Eyes on Success

“We saw that our parents were happy to go to work every day, and we saw the close relationships they...
Lukas Becker - Active Minds

Talk Therapy

In 2017, then-junior Lukus Becker attended a talk sponsored by the Counseling Center, where Alison Malman, founder of non-profit organization...
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