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Animal Behavior

About This Program

You’ve always been fascinated by how and why animals behave the way they do. If you want to take your curiosity to the next level by learning how to be a scientist of behavior, UC’s research-focused Animal Behavior major may be the perfect fit. Here at UC, you will work closely with our Animal Behavior faculty and use experimental methods to uncover the evolutionary, ecological, and physiological bases of behavior. 

Why Utica College

Taught by expert faculty, UC’s research-intensive program gets students out of the classroom with field experiences and independent research projects. A partnership with the Utica Zoo gives student the opportunity to experience zoo research, animal care and husbandry firsthand.

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General Information


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Animal Behavior at Utica

Career Opportunities

The animal behavior major provides a foundation of courses and experiences for students interested in pursuing graduate training in:
    • Animal Research
    • Conservation Biology
    • Veterinary Medicine
    • Zoology
    • Animal Handling
Professor Tom McCarthy and students

Capstone Project Options

Animal Behavior students have two options of Capstone Projects - Seminar or Research

What You'll Learn

Year 1

  • BIO 101 - Anatomy & Physiology I (0, 4)
  • BIO 102 - Anatomy & Physiology II (0, 4)
  • BIO 111 - Human Ecology (3)
  • BIO 111L - Human Ecology Lab (1)

Year 2

  • BIO 211 - General Biology I (0, 4)
  • BIO 212 - General Biology II (0, 4)
  • BIO 231 - Research Methods I (3)
  • PSY 202 - Advanced General Psychology (3)

Year 3

  • BIO 321 - Genetics (0, 4)
  • BIO 329 - Evolution (3)
  • BIO 338 - Animal Behavior (3)
  • BIO 362 - Endocrinology (3)
  • PSY 351 - Learning and Behavior (0, 4)

Year 4

  • BIO 428 - Zoo Animal Behavior and Husbandry (3)
  • BIO 437 - Biology of Invertebrates (0, 4)
  • BIO 438 - Conservation Biology (3)
  • ANB 450 - Senior Research (3)
  • ANB 495 - Senior Seminar (3)

One of Utica College’s newest majors, the animal behavior program provides students with a concentrated study of the evolutionary, ecological, genetic, neurological, and cognitive mechanisms that influence animal behavior. It's an exciting, hands-on program that promotes a deep scientific understanding of the field from a biological and psychological perspective.


Animal Behavior Faculty

A Degree That Works

The animal behavior major provides a foundation of courses and experiences for students interested in pursuing graduate training in animal research, conservation biology, veterinary medicine, zoology, and animal handling.

Utica College - DePerno Hall
Utica Zoo

Hands-On Learning

Students will be introduced to zoo research, animal care and husbandry, and animal training through our partnership with the Utica Zoo.

Student Voices: Kate Rosbrook

Kate originally came to Utica College to study physical therapy, then quickly developed an interest in experimental psychology. Partly on the basis of her research at UC, she was selected for a research assistantship at Yale School of Medicine’s John B. Pierce Laboratory. The lab director’s acceptance message described Kate as someone whose skills and abilities are a great fit to the position and to the laboratory.

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