Judith A. Kirkpatrick
Vice President for Academic Affairs

(315) 792-3122


  1. Knowledge base. Graduates will have an understanding of the following fields of study within the framework of psychology as a single field of study, learning, measurement, biopsychology, social, developmental, personality, abnormal, cognitive, personality, and psychology of adjustment.
  2. Thinking skills. Graduates will have developed critical thinking skills and will be able to apply those skills to an evaluation of the media and of their own attitudes.
  3. Language skills. Graduates will demonstrate college level reading, writing and thinking in the language of the discipline, including use of APA style.
  4. Information gathering and synthesis. Graduates will be able to use the library and computerized search tools and to synthesize information into persuasive arguments.
  5. Research methods and statistical skills. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of research methodology and statistical skill.
  6. Interpersonal skills. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to self-monitor and work in groups as needed.