Online Registration

Online Registration



  1. Watch your messages for PIN number and registration information. Use your Plan of Study or advising worksheet as a guide for which classes to register. If you do not have a Plan of Study, please contact your advisor or Success Coach. Advisor/success coach information can be found under the program-specific section below.
  2. Make sure to have your BannerWeb username, password, and alternate registration PIN. Course progress can be monitored through BannerWeb Degree Evaluation.
  3. To make a secure online payment, please visit our Secure Online Payment site.
  4. For financial aid (FAFSA) questions, please contact your Student Financial Services counselor (see below). 
Last Name A-Lf: Ms. Wendy Stevens -
Last Name Li-Z: Mr. Michael Blehar -
ABSN: Mr. Kyle Dempster -
Additional Information
  • Please note: full payment or a valid FAFSA (on file) at Utica College is required on the payment due date (contact representative above for information on payment due dates).
  • Utica College does not accept employer tuition deferrals. If you have employer tuition benefits, you will need to pay up-front with reimbursement coming from your employer at the end of the class session, or establish alternate means of payment with your employer.
  • Assistance with registration: (315) 792-3001. Please have your SFS password available to verify your identity.


Recommended Registration Deadlines
  • Non-residency Courses - please allow yourself time to order books and supplies. We ask that you register for courses no less than two weeks prior to term start.
  • Residency-related Courses - please allow yourself time to arrange travel and accommodations, as well as to order books and supplies. We ask that you register for your residency-related coursework no less than two weeks prior to residency start.
Academic Calendar and Refund Schedule
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