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Academic Alerts

At Utica College we are committed to our students’ academic success. Our academic alert system allows for close communication and collaboration between professors and the Center for Student Success to ensure students are succeeding in their coursework.

An academic alert is not a negative thing. An academic alert means that your professor has a concern for your performance in their class and wants to ensure you are getting the assistance you need! Academic alerts are designed to identify students who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed and connect them with the on campus support they need to succeed. 

What is an Academic Alert?

An Academic Alert is a proactive feedback method through which students are alerted if the Professor has an academic concern, the student is demonstrating unsatisfactory academic performance, or is disengaged in the classroom. Reasons for alerts may include:

  • Attendance Concerns
  • Missing Assignments
  • Unsatisfactory Performance on an Exam or Quiz
  • Need for Academic Coaching or Referral to Tutorial Services 

Who can submit an Academic Alert?

Faculty and Staff can submit an Academic Alert.

What happens when a student receives an Academic Alert?

Academic Alert notifications are sent automatically via email from the Professor who submits the alert. The student’s Professor, Faculty Academic Advisor, Success Coach, Athletic Coach (if applicable) are each notified via email. Students have 48 hours to respond to the alert. 

How does a student resolve an Academic Alert?

Once the alert has been addressed and an action plan is in place, the alert will be closed. It is the responsibility of the student to follow through with the action plan and communicate with the Professor. If a student does not respond to the Professor or Success Coach a second automatic reminder email is sent. The alert will move to “Unresolved” automatically if the student does not respond to the alert.

It is the goal of all support staff to assist all students by developing an academic action plan to resolve any academic alerts.

If you have questions regarding the Academic Alert process please contact Bethany Samuels, Director of Student Success at 315-792-3179

When can an Academic Alert be submitted?

An Academic Alert can be submitted at any time during the semester. We encourage an alert to be sent if a student has missed several classes, is in jeopardy of failing the course, has not turned in assignments, done poorly on an exam or quiz, or if a student should be connected to tutorial services or other services. 

Where do you submit an Academic Alert?

There are two ways to Issue an Academic Alert.

  1. EAB Navigate is for Main Campus Undergraduate & Graduate Students:

    Login to Navigate at www.utica.edu/logins using your UC Username and Password.
    1. Within your Professor Profile, on the right hand side under Actions, select "I want to...Issue an Alert"
    2. Using your course roster, type the ID Number, username, or full name of the student you wish to submit an alert for in the box titled 'Student'
    3. Please select the reason you believe the student needs assistance.
    4. Please select the course the alert is associated (if applicable)
    5. Share relevant information in "Additional Comments". This can include the number of absences, number of missing assignments, test/exam grades, and even the student's current grade in your course
    6. Select Submit
    7. Repeat for additional students
  2. For all students, alerts can be submitted by going to  www.utica.edu/logins and click on Academic Alert. You will then login using your Utica College login credentials. Follow the instructions and complete the form. 

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