The Surrounding Community

The Surrounding Community

Plenty To Do, Both On-Campus And Off

Live music at UCUtica College offers students a wide range of cultural, athletic, and entertainment options, but spend some time here and you'll soon discover that the surrounding community offers even more. The Mohawk Valley is rich in culture, recreation, breathtaking scenery, and entertainment.

There are many different areas of interest to explore that accentuate life in the Mohawk Valley. With an estimated population of 300,000 the region supports major industries in manufacturing, health care, education, finance, retail, and tourism, thus creating an atmosphere that makes life diverse.

The Fun Starts Here

Begin your exploration with events right on the UC campus. You can enjoy theatrical productions, art exhibits, film presentations, and so much more. You will be surprised at the number of school organizations and athletics that are very much a part of campus life.

Local Arts And Entertainment

Once you become familiar with life on campus, travel off campus and explore the many wonders that await you, most within a short distance. Here are some examples:

For more details about these and other highlights, visit our area attractions page.   

Shopping Opportunities

If shopping is your forte, you won't be disappointed. The area offers a remarkable variety of options, from national retailers like Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and Target, to locally owned and operated specialty boutiques, and everything in-between. Major shopping areas include:

  • Consumer Square
    (Route 5A in New Hartford)
  • New Hartford Shopping Center
    (Genesee Street in New Hartford)  
  • Riverside Center
    (Route 12N in North Utica)
  • Sangertown Mall
    (Route 5 in New Hartford) 

Area Dining

The community also offers a diverse selection of restaurants that offer everything from pizza by the slice to elegant dinners, with excellent examples of Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Italian, and other ethnic cuisines. For a review of dining options available in the immediate area, visit our local restaurants page.

Snowboarding in the nearby AdirondacksSports And Recreation

Looking for something more physical? Participate in any of UC's sports programs or cheer on your friends as a spectator. Off campus, the area offers a number of parks and recreational facilities, with opportunities for hiking, sightseeing, and outdoor sports. And, of course, the breathtaking landscapes of the Adirondack Park -- six million acres of mountains, forests, lakes, and streams -- are a short drive north of campus. 

For detailed information on some of these options, including links, see our pages on area attractions and regional day trips.  

Getting There

Although many of these attractions are within a short distance of Utica College, transportation may also be needed. The Student Senate Van makes rounds to area grocery stores and attractions daily to accommodate your needs. Wherever the Student Senate Van doesn't go, the Utica Transit Authority most likely goes. You can get bus schedules from Student Activities to plan your outings.

With so much to see and do, there is no doubt that Utica College and the Mohawk Valley will become a huge part of your life for years to come.


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