President's Senior Staff

President's Senior Staff


Senior Staff

President’s Cabinet Members

Laura M. Casamento

(315) 792-3222

Kelly Adams

Vice President for Marketing & Communications
(315) 792-3047

Anthony M. Baird

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer
(315) 792-3310

Trisha J. Barone
Assistant Vice President for Presidential Affairs & Secretary to the Board
(315) 792-3222

Andrew W. Beakman

Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel
(315) 792-3222

Matthew S. Carr

Vice President for College Infrastructure and Chief Information Officer
(315) 792-3226

Shad Crowe

Director of Emergency Management
(315) 792-3472

Ann E. Damiano
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Dean of Assessment
(315) 223-2568

David S. Fontaine

Director of Physical Education & Athletics
(315) 792-3051

Jeffery Gates

Senior Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Management
(315) 792-3006

Lisa Green

Vice President for Human Resource -Personnel Development
(315) 792-3736

George Nehme

Vice President for Advancement
(315) 792-3219

Todd J. Pfannestiel

Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
(315) 792-3028

Pamela Salmon

Vice President for Financial Affairs & Treasurer
(315) 792-3011

Polly Smith

Senior Vice President for Market Innovation and New Ventures
(315) 792-3124

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Office of the President

Office of the President

200 DePerno Hall
(315) 792-3222

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