Utica College

A Brief History

Here is a very brief history of Utica College.

Utica College History

Oneida Square campus of Utica College
Utica College's Oneida Square Campus, ca. 1947

Utica College's history reaches back to the 1930s when Syracuse University operated extension courses in the Utica, N.Y. area.

UC was established thanks to the efforts of business and community leaders in the Mohawk Valley who saw a need for such an institution. In 1946, Syracuse University launched Utica College. Originally, the school was located in a section of downtown Utica known as Oneida Square. In 1961, the school moved to its current site off of Burrstone Road.

Although the College became a financially and legally independent institution in 1995, UC announced its final transition to full independence in the fall of 2008. Since 1998, the College has offered graduate degree programs, including master's and doctorate options in a broad range of fields.

Adapted from: Pioneering Generations by Professor Emeritus John C. Behrens, which chronicles the College's first 50 years.

Learn more about UC's beginnings in the book Reflections: The Early Years of Utica College by Professor Emeritus Virgil C. Crisafulli

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