Online/Hybrid Course Refund Policy
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Online/Hybrid Course Refund Policy

A Guide for Online Students


Refund Policy for Online and Hybrid Programs

The date on which a student notifies the Office of the Registrar of his or her complete withdrawal in writing will be used as the basis for determining tuition refund. Please refer to your department for exact dates. The student will need to contact his or her Student Financial Services (SFS) counselor to discuss the financial implications of the withdrawal. The student may need to receive an official withdrawal code from the SFS counselor to complete the process.

Tuition and Fees:

100% refund on or before the scheduled drop/add deadline for the period of enrollment (up until midnight EST)

0% after the scheduled drop/add deadline for the period of enrollment

Please be aware 

If withdrawing from only D1 module (first 8 week session of semester), student is required to provide a written statement to the college indicating their intent to attend the future class within that term..

If you are attempting to withdraw from the entire semester and you are using financial aid, it will be beneficial to first drop your D2 module (second 8 week session of semester) course and on the following day you can withdraw from your D1 module (first 8 week session of semester) course which you should still be participating in.

For details, see this page in our catalog

Drop Vs. Withdrawal - What is the difference?

Drop: Remove a course during the designated drop/add period.

Withdraw: Cease attending or leave a course after the designated drop/add period.



If you have any questions about this policy and how it applies to your specific situation, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at or (315) 792-3179. We'll be glad to help.



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