Technology Resources for Students

Technology Resources for Students

Techology Resources for Students

This page will be updated continually, please check back later as more information may be added.

Updated: 9:15am, 7/6/2020 - Software section.
Updated: 4:00pm, 3/23/2020 - Internet section.
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Updated: 4:30pm, 3/17/2020 - Internet section.

This page will help you know where to find different websites, obtain software that is available to UC students, and find help if you need it.  If something you need is not listed below please contact the Help Desk by creating a support ticket.

The following common services are available with any Internet access.  If you don't have access to Internet at home, see the Internet section below.  You will have a better experience with most of these by using a computer if you have one available to you.
  • UC Email & Other Google Services (Drive, Hangouts Meet, Calendar, etc).  We recommend checking your UC email at least daily for important news and information from UC.  This is separate from messages you may receive in Engage or Canvas about course related information.
  • Engage (including Zoom and VoiceThread integrated)  Engage is where nearly all online classes will be held.
  • Canvas .  This site is where online classes will be located for ABSN students.
  • BannerWeb .  Here you can find items like course registration and financial aid data.
  • other web services listed at

Remote Meetings / Live Video Conferencing
Most, but not all, live video meetings will be held inside of Engage using the integrated Zoom feature.  Some classes may use other sites or tools due to their needs, your instructor will provide information.

All UC students can use Google Hangouts Meet for video/audio conferencing, which is similar to Skype, Zoom, or Webex.  This may be useful to you for communicating with classmates on group work.  You can create a Meet session by adding an event to your Google Calendar and inviting who you want to attend.  The calendar event will have a "Join Hangouts Meet" link for everyone to use to join.  We have extensive instructions for all of the features.  Google is currently allowing recording of meetings, to do this see our new guide for Hangouts Meet Recording.

Microsoft Office
All UC students can obtain a copy of Microsoft Office for free for Windows or Mac.  Follow our instructions at .  Please note that we do not recommend storing your files on Microsoft OneDrive at this time, more information about this is provided in the instructions.
A number of companies are making special programs available to provide students with Internet access.  The FCC has also asked that Internet providers waive late fees, open up public hot spots, and not cutoff service for non-payment at this time (also known ad the Keep Americans Connected Pledge).  Click on the name of the company in the information below for articles containing more details.  We'll be adding to this list as information becomes available to us.
  • Altice USA is offering Altice Advantage 30 Mbps broadband solution for free for 60 days to any new customer household within their footprint.
  • AT&T is offering open hot-spots, unlimited data to existing customers, and $10/month plans to low income families.
  • CenturyLink 
  • Charter Communications / Spectrum is providing 60 days of Internet access and waives installation fees for new student households and provides 2 months of free service.  Spectrum's hotspots are also open to public use.
  • Comcast offers free WiFi for 2 months to low income families plus all Xfinity hot-spots are free to the public during this time (map).  Existing customers have had their data caps removed.
  • Cox (see also their Internet Essentials page) has new plans including offering a low-income Internet tier with no annual contract and relaxing data usage overage charges for all tiers.  They are also eliminating data usage overages for 60 days.  Their public hotspots are also available to anyone.
  • Mediacom Communications is overlooking monthly data allowances and new customers can sign up at a discounted rate.  Their wifi hotspots are also publicly accessible for 60 days.
  • Sparklight will make unlimited data available on all plans for 30 days.  It's hotspots are also open.
  • Sprint follows the FCC agreement, provides unlimited data to existing customers, and, starting Tuesday, 3/17/2020, will allow all phones to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge. 
  • Starry is making their broadband free through may for public and affordable housing customers.
  • TDS will provide free broadband for households with college students.  It's wifi hotspots are also available to the public.
  • T-Mobile follows the FCC agreement, plus unlimited data to existing customers, and will allow phones to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge. Edit: it appears T-mobile has removed this or the initial source of data was incorrect.  Instead only those who already had a hotspot plan can add 10GB of data per month to their plan.
  • Verizon has no special offers at this time but is following the FCC agreement.  They recommend if a current customer is experiencing a hardship, they should call customer service to discuss the situation and available options.
If you cannot access the Internet due to special circumstances, please contact the Center for Student Success at or call 315-792-3179.

Library Resources
As classes move online, the UC library is still here to offer you academic support.
  • is available 24/7, with access to our catalog, databases, online journals, and other electronic resources.
  • Librarians are available for online help via WebEx or Google Hangouts. Let us know if you would like to schedule a virtual appointment— individual librarians’ contact information is available here, or you can use this form.
  • All library materials due before the end of the semester are now due May 11th, 2020. You can renew beyond this date online.
  • A book return will be set up at the Welcome Center entrance.
  • Interlibrary Loan requests for physical items are no longer being filled, but many articles and chapters from books may still be available. Interlibrary Loan questions should be directed to, 315-792-3262, or 315-792-3041
  • If you have concerns about course reserves, please contact your professor. We’ll be working with them to ensure online access.

Technical Support
  • Engage:
    • Contact Engage support via their 24/7 support number: 1-866-264-1537
    • We also recommend you inform your professor of problems you may be having.  This lets them work with you and if the problem affects the whole class it helps them to be able to fix it quickly for everyone.
  • Canvas:
    • Nursing students and faculty using Canvas should contact Canvas support at 1-855-495-9954.
  • Zoom:
    • Contact Engage support (see above bullet) or see the Zoom support site at
  • Other:
    • Create a support ticket for non urgent issues.  Call the campus Help Desk at 315-792-3115 for urgent problems.  If you can't reach us by phone please leave a voicemail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • If you need to provide remote support (i.e. you need to see and/or interact with someone else's computer):
Specialized Software
For anyone taking a course with specialized software, IITS will be working with the instructors to get information to you.  Below are some of the software items we know of and are working on.MacOS support for Windows OS Restricted applications. Please use this link to setup a Windows 10 virtual machine. Construction Management students should contact their faculty member to obtain access to course specific software. 
If you didn't find a solution above please create a support ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.   You may also submit a support ticket if you have a hardship and need to request use of a laptop or some other piece of equipment to complete your coursework. We'll accommodate as many of these requests as we can.

Academic FAQs

Utica College is committed to ensuring that all students receive the education they are entitled to. Your faculty and academic administrators will work to ensure that you are able to achieve the learning and meet the goals for the courses you are in. 

Are all classes going online?

Yes. There will be no face-to-face instruction until further notice. If you remain in the area, your class instruction will still be remote.


How are online classes taught?

Faculty members are working with members of the College’s staff to implement a number of different ways of delivering instruction remotely, including the College’s Engage system, Zoom lectures, recorded videos, and other options. The faculty member for each class you are in will be letting you know how they will be handling distance instruction.

Many online courses will be taught in Engage. To access Engage, visit: The format of online courses can vary. For specific course questions, please speak with your instructor.


I’m having trouble with Engage, who should I contact?

Students should contact their instructor for specific course questions. Any questions regarding Engage can be directed to Engage Technical Support at 866-264-1537 or by e-mail at 


I need help navigating and understanding my courses on Engage, is someone available to help me? 

Yes. The Center for Student Success is open and a Success Coach is available to help you. Please email or call 315-792-3179. 


I am not on campus and I do not have access to the internet, where can I find internet access?

See our Internet section above.

Can I withdraw from an on-ground course being taught online? 

Yes. Students can withdraw from an on-ground course being taught online. To withdraw you must email from your UC email account. The Center for Student Success will then follow up with the student and guide you through the withdrawal process. 

Please refer to the Academic Calendar online for more information on deadlines.


What happens with my tuition if I withdraw? 

We will not be refunding room, board or tuition. We are continuing our operations. All campus offices will be open and support will be continued.

Students are required to consult with their Financial Aid Counselor prior to withdrawing from a course or for the semester. Financial Aid Counselors are available in person and accessible remotely. Please call 315-792-3179 or email with any questions. 


If I get sick, what is the policy for taking an Incomplete?

For information regarding an Incomplete grades, please speak with your Professor, Academic Advisor and/or Success Coach. Information regarding Incompletes can be found online at: 


I need help with managing my time, getting organized, and study habits for online courses, where can I get help?

The Center for Student Success, Tutoring Services in the Learning Commons, the Office of Learning Services, and Opportunity Programs and are all open and staff members are accessible remotely. You are also encouraged to speak with your instructors about course questions. 

To make an appointment with a support staff member, please call the Center for Student Success at 315-792-3179 or email


How can I be successful in an online course?

For each course, follow the guidance and instructions from your Professors. Just like on-ground courses, online courses require dedicated time management, discipline and organization. It is important that you follow the syllabus and complete assignments, quizzes, exams, etc… on time. Please pay special attention to the Professors attendance policy and plan ahead. 

If you need help organizing your online coursework please reach out to the Center for Student Success at 315-792-3179 or email


I am in a Lab, Clinical, Physical Education, Student Teaching, Internship and/or Field Work course, how does this work? 

Follow the guidance and instructions from your Professor. 


I currently have accommodations for my on-ground courses, how can I have the same accommodations in an online format?

The Office of Learning Services is open and available to assist students. As a reminder, please contact your Professor for any course concerns. Please contact the Office of Learning Services at 315-792-3032 or with additional questions. 


How can I get tutoring help?

All drop-in and by appointment tutoring has been moved online and will continue to be available as usual.  Writing and subject tutors can be located at  Scroll down to the “Search for Drop-In Tutoring by Subject” tab to look up tutors’ hours and email addresses.  Send an email to your tutor during their drop-in hours, asking them to invite you to their virtual Google Hangouts tutoring session.  Your tutor will email you back with the Google Hangouts information, and you can then begin your online tutoring session. If you have any questions, contact Lena Moser, Director of Tutoring Services, at  


Are Professors holding office hours on campus?

No, students should contact their individual Professors regarding virtual office hours and classroom support. 


Is the Library open? I need help with research, writing, and citations. Is someone available?

See our Library section above.  

Writing tutors are also available through  Scroll down to the “Search for Drop-In Tutoring by Subject” tab to look up writing tutors’ hours.


I am planning to graduate this semester. What do I need to do and I have questions regarding commencement?

All information regarding commencement can be found online at:


Course Registration for Fall 2020 opens April 6. How do I get advised? 

Students should be in contact with their Faculty Academic Advisor and Success Coach. More information will be sent via UC email. For specific questions, please contact the Center for Student Success at 315-792-3179 or email


I am in the Academic Recovery Program. How do I continue to participate?

The Academic Recovery Program is still taking place and all information will be uploaded to Engage and available remotely. Students should contact their Academic Recovery Mentor and schedule biweekly meetings individually. Meetings will take place virtually.  For specific questions, please contact the Center for Student Success at 315-792-3179 or email 

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