Transcript Requests

Transcript Requests

Transcript Requests

Utica College now offers online transcript ordering and delivery via the Parchment Exchange!  Because of this, we no longer accept third-party transcript requests. You must request your own transcript.

Current Students:

  1. Log in to BannerWeb (click here)
  2. Click on "Student Services"
  3. Click on "Student Records"
  4. Click on "Order Official Transcripts" at the bottom of the list. This link will lead you to the Parchment transcript ordering site. 
  5. You may order either electronic or paper transcripts via this service. 
Former Students:
  1. Go to the Parchment Storefront and create an account (you will only have to create an account once - subsequent visits will only require a login).
  2. You may order either electronic or paper transcripts via this service, regardless of when you attended.

If You Have Paid the Lifetime Transcript Fee:

  • If you have paid the Lifetime Transcript Fee, a new form with signature is still required for each release. 
  • If you wish to utilize the Lifetime Transcript Fee that you have paid, you may download this form and submit it to our office to send a paper transcript (submission instructions are printed on the form).
  • The Lifetime Transcript Fee only applies to paper transcripts. If you need to send an electronic transcript, you must utilize the Parchment system and pay the $4.00 fee. 

Utica College has discontinued accepting new requests to pay the Lifetime Transcript Fee, but will continue to honor those who have already paid the fee.

If you are applying for employment at Utica College:

If you are applying for employment at Utica College, you may download this form and submit it via e-mail, fax, mail, or you may drop it off. 


  • Please allow 7-10 business days from the date of receipt by Utica College for processing.
  • Federal law prohibits Utica College from accepting requests for transcripts over the telephone; therefore, all requests must be made in person, via the Parchment exchange, or submitted in writing.
  • Currently-enrolled students (students who are actively registered for classes)  are able to obtain unofficial transcripts via their BannerWeb account for free.
  • Questions regarding transcript requests can be directed to Rachel Shaver.
  • Utica College is not permitted to re-release transcripts received from other schools or institutions. Student transcripts from previously-attended institutions that were provided for admissions consideration become the property of UC and are considered official only at the time of receipt. UC does not provide copies of transcripts from other institutions that are part of a student’s education record. In order to obtain accurate up-to-date information and assure that no protocol of the issuing institution is circumvented, a student must contact the originating school for a copy of that transcript.
  • Electronic Transcripts: The fee is $4 (US$) per electronic transcript. Payment is made through the Parchment Exchange web site.
  • Paper transcript: The fee is $5 (US$) per paper transcript.

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Craig P. Dewan

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