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Psychology Major


The psychology faculty prides itself on the individual attention its students receive both in and outside the classroom.

All of the department's full-time faculty members are actively involved in research. They welcome student participation in their projects and also supervise student research projects.

Dr. R. Scott Smith , Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

R. Scott Smith
Phone: (315) 792-3240
Office: 211 Faculty Center


R. Scott Smith's research interests are focused on the social ecology and psychology of cultural adaptation, particularly the adaptation of host communities to the presence of immigrants and vice versa. The refugee resettlement process in Utica, NY and the evolution of identity on the Caribbean island of Martinique are two settings in which he has investigated these processes. Dr. Smith also studies community building and prejudice reduction.


Amy E. Lindsey, Ph.D.
205 Faculty Center

(315) 792-3806
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