Living Off Campus

Living Off Campus

Prior to looking at off-campus housing options please remember the Two Year Residency Requirement as found in the Residence Hall Agreement:

All incoming first year students are required to live in College residence halls for their first two years, unless residing at home with their legal parent or guardian who live within a 30 mile radius. All transfer students are required to have lived on a campus for 4 semesters. This means incoming second year transfers are required to reside on campus unless residing at home with their legal parent or guardian.
Once a student fulfills the two-year residency requirement, they are free to make a decision about whether or not they would like to live on campus for the next year. If students are looking into off-campus housing but want to keep their options open, we encourage them to go through the housing process.

Those students have until June 1st, 2019, at 11:59pm to submit a Housing Release Application and receive a refund of their housing deposit. As of June 2nd, the residence hall agreement is binding for the entire academic year.

If you meet the above requirements and decide to move off campus, please remember to fill out the Exit Interview Form

Living Off Campus

There are a variety of apartments located near the UC campus. Students can obtain information from the Utica area Yellow Pages under the listing "Apartments" and from the apartment ads in the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

Students seeking roommates or apartments often post signs on bulletin boards around the campus. The Office of Student Living and College Engagement staff also keeps an updated list of area off-campus apartments and typical living expenses incurred off campus.

If Students do live off-campus, we ask that they be a good neighbor and respect those who live in the community around you. Please keep your houses/apartments and yards clean and also keep an appropriate and reasonable noise level.  Students are subject to the Student Code of Conduct as off-campus residents as well.
For information regarding off-campus housing, please contact
Abbie Gorczynski
(315) 792-3285


The Office of Student Living and College Engagement and Utica College assume no responsibility for determining whether these listings comply with local building codes or ordinances.  They have not been inspected by the College. Students are cautioned to inspect the condition of the property, looking especially for fire safety measures (smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguisher, fire exits, etc.).  If the property you are considering is in the City of Utica, you should ask the landlord to provide written proof of current rental registration with the City of Utica, which does inspect rental properties for fire safety compliance; the other neighboring jurisdictions do not yet have such a requirement for rental properties.  Students are also advised to review the landlord's lease very carefully before signing, as leases vary significantly in terms and conditions (whether certain utilities are included, etc.).  The Office of Student Living and College Engagement and Utica College assume no responsibility for the condition of these properties, and cannot intervene in disputes that may arise between student tenants and  landlords of off-campus properties. 



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Marissa Finch

Marissa Finch

Assistant Director for Student Living
Student Living and College Engagement
205 Strebel Student Center
(315) 792-3285
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