Letter of Recommendation-Faculty/Staff

Letter of Recommendation-Faculty/Staff

Letters of Recommendation

Students may ask faculty, staff, supervisors, or others to write letters of recommendation for a variety of reasons, including employment and internship opportunities.  For assistance with letter guidelines, format, and content, the National Association of Colleges and Employers offers information and samples.

All those writing a letter of recommendation for a student's Credential File* are asked to use The Center for Career and Professional Development's online Letter of Recommendation Form, available by clicking here.  All confidential letters must be e-mailed by the letter writer to careedevelopment@utica.edu. 

For a complete, step-by-step tutorial on how to access, complete, and send your letter of recommendation, please view this video.

For the online form to work properly and accept the required signatures using the instructions provided, it is strongly advised to open and complete the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 11.  Do not open the form using your Internet Browser.  A free download is available here.

*Please communicate first with the student to ensure he/she has opened a Credential File with The Center for Career and Professional Development before sending a letter of recommendation.


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