RSO Re-Registration

RSO Re-Registration

Recognized Student Organization Re-Registration Process for 2020-2021 Academic Year

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Re-Registration for Student Government Association Recognized Student Organizations (SGA-RSOs) that are seeking re-recognition for the 2020-2021 school year was designed as a multiple-part process.

Part A took place through the end of finals week during the Spring 2020 semester and required only Pioneer Place form submission with the new Organization's President's name and submission of the Faculty/Staff Advisor's name.  Part A was complete on Sunday, May 17, 2020.

Part B requires submission of a more robust Pioneer Place form, including names of the rest of the 2020-2021 organization's executive board members.  It also includes a series of powerpoint trainings that each executive board member should complete during the month of June.  Part B will be completed by June 30, 2020.

Part C will occur before the Fall 2020 semester begins.  There will be three required online courses sent to all student leaders in an email sent out on Monday, August 3.  Completion of all online courses will be due for all leaders by Monday, August 24.


Process Details and Deadlines:

Monday, March 30 through Sunday, May 17

1. All RSOs should hold elections for at least their new Org President according to their Constitutional guidelines.  Elections for filling other executive board positions is optional during this time.

2. The new Org President should submit the Abbreviated Pioneer Place Re-Registration Form.
Monday, June 1 through Tuesday, June 30

1. All remaining open executive board positions should be filled by a constitutional election process during this time.  If orgs currently have positions filled which will not change for Fall 2020, those positions are exempt.

2. A member of the new executive board should submit the Expanded Pioneer Place Re-registration Form.  You will need:
          i. All names and emails for newly elected E-board members
          ii. The most recently amended copy of your Constitution, .doc or .PDF.

To get to the form, sign into, navigate to the org page, click the "Manage Organization" button at the top right, and scroll down to find the blue "Register this Organization" button, located below the org's profile picture and name.  *Note: To get to this button, students must have administrative access to the org's Pio Place page.*
3. All executive board members should complete the series of Org Board Trainings and Quizzes.  To get to the powerpoint presentations and accompanying quizzes, follow this link and click on the Org Board Training Powerpoints June 2020 Folder.  Watch each powerpoint and complete the individual quizzes.
Monday, August 3 through Monday, August 24

1. All Student Leaders must complete the three EVERFI modules by Monday, Aug. 24, 2020.  Students will receive an email on Monday, August 3 inviting them to access the three courses.

See below for important information regarding EVERFI

By NYS law, every student leader must have Title IX and Sexual Assault Prevention training, therefore, Utica College requires all student org leaders to complete EVERFI training yearly.  Utica College also requires Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training and Alchohol Education training.  All EVERFI survey responses are confidential.  Use this link to view the training space:

     --Student Leaders who need to complete these trainings are defined as Org Executive Board Members or Committee Chairpersons, EMTs, CERT Team, and all Greeks.

     --The three required courses are:
          i. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
          ii. Alcohol Education
          iii. Sexual Assault Prevention (required by NYS Law)

     --Student Athletes, Resident Assistants and Orientation Mentors who were assigned these or similar courses during the Summer 2020 do not have to complete additional courses.  The courses these students completed before earlier deadlines are acceptable for these student leader position requirements as well.


Pending Additions:

SLCE Summer Conference
At this time, it is unclear whether we will be able to hold the SLCE Summer Conference before the start of the Fall semester.  More information will come out to student leaders in August.  If held, each organization should send at least one representative, and students can represent up to two organizations.  Dates and times to be determined.

Moose Mover

Because of the modified move-in process, as well as Coronavirus precautions, it is also unclear at this time if we will be able to run the Moose Mover program.  More info will be sent out during the summer as it is decided.

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