Recognized Student Organization Re-Registration

Recognized Student Organization Re-Registration

Organization Re-Registration

Re-Registration for Student Government Association Recognized Student Organizations that are seeking re-recognition for the 2019-2020 school year runs Wednesday March 20, 2019 - Monday, April 29, 2019.

This is a multi-step registration process. Most steps are to be completed BY THE STUDENTS before the last day of classes THIS SEMESTER. Two additional steps are needed in the upcoming Fall semester.

The Process:

Spring 2019
1. Decide 2019-2020 Executive Board positions
2. Students Attend Org Board Training Meeting
3. Get Advisor Agreement signed by incoming President and Advisor
4. Advisors Complete Google Classroom Advisor Training
5. Complete Pioneer Place Re-Registration Form
6. Students Register for Summer Org Conference (part of Pio Place form) and attend in the Fall
Fall 2019
7. Students and Advisor complete HAVEN training

All Spring re-registration steps MUST be completed by
Monday, April 29, 2019 at 11:59 PM

Haven MUST be completed by Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM

1. Decide your 2019-2020 Executive Board positions
The students completing this re-registration process should be the ones who will be running the organization next year. Before the org can begin the process, you will need to decide who will hold your e-board positions.

Each org should refer to their own Constitution to determine new executive board members, whether it's elections, appointments, interviews, or something else. If your constitution does not outline a process for determining new executive board members, please refer to the process used in the Student Government Constitution.

2. Students Attend Org Board Training Meeting
There are multiple Student Organization Board Training sessions. This is a MANDATORY TRAINING for new executive board members.

To receive credit, a new e-board member must attend a training session, but it is recommended that all new members complete the training. Attendance will be taken at each training, and attendees can get credit for multiple organizations.

Here is the training schedule:
Tuesday, April 16th at 2:30pm in Hubbard 104
Wednesday, April 17th at 9:30am in Hubbard 104
Thursday, April 18th at 1:30pm in Hubbard 104
Friday, April 19th at 11:30am in Faculty 101
Tuesday, April 23rd at 11:30am in Gordon 261
Wednesday, April 24th at 3:30pm in Hubbard 107
Thursday, April 25th at 10am in Hubbard 107
Friday, April 26th at 12:30pm in Hubbard 107

3. Get Advisor Agreement signed
Download Advisor Contract HERE

The Advisor Agreement must be printed, filled out, and returned to the Office of Student Living and College Engagement before the re-registration deadline.

Organizations do not have to keep the same advisor(s) from year to year, but the office recommends this to keep consistency and history records. We do allow for orgs to have more than one advisor, however, the primary advisor must be a currently-employed Utica College faculty or staff member. If orgs have supplemental advisors, a separate agreement will need to be filled out, indicating "secondary advisor" on the form.

New executive board members should have a face-to-face meeting with the Advisor to go over the agreement and sign it together. After turning in the completed agreement to the Office of Student Living and College Engagement, the advisor will get an email with access to the Advisor Training Powerpoint.

4. Advisors complete Google Classroom Advisor Training
After turning in the completed agreement to the Office of Student Living and College Engagement, the advisor will get an email with access to the Advisor Training Powerpoint.

Advisor Training sessions will be completed through Google Classroom. This is MANDATORY for all Advisors. All sessions will be shared to Utica College email addresses.

To receive credit, Advisors read each PowerPoint and taking a short quiz at the end of each training session.

5. Complete Re-Registration Form on Pioneer Place
The re-registration form will be open from 12 AM Wednesday, March 20, 2019 to 11:59 PM Monday, April 29, 2019 (the last day of classes).

Org members click the "Register" button on the org's Pioneer Place homepage. The purpose of the form is to gather all leadership information for the following year. Here's what you need to know before you can start the form:

Current Member Roster: All names and e-mail addresses of current members and advisor(s), including those who will be in all the positions below. Remove members who will no longer be members or students next year.
Required positions:
i. Advisor                     iv. Webmaster
ii. President                  v. Treasurer
iii. Vice President        vi. Secretary

Rules, Policies and Procedures: The form will have links to the following documents and policies. The student submitting the form must click through and acknowledge that their club will follow the guidelines set for clubs and organizations on the Utica College Campus. (click to get details):
i. Posting Policy
ii. Solicitation Policy
iii. Fundraising Activities and Practices
iv. Hazing Policy
v. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
vi. Bias-Related Crimes Policy
vii. Sexual Harassment, Gender-Based Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy
viii. Political Activity on the Utica College Campus

Constitution: Organizations should have a current electronic copy of their constitution and/or bylaws. These will be submitted to the Student Government at the close of registration to make sure all org Constitutions are acceptable under the SGA Bylaws. Orgs should look at their constitution regularly and update/amend when needed.

The complete re-registration form is reviewed by the Office of Student Living and College Engagement for approval. The submitter will get a message stating whether the form was accepted by the office, or will ask the form to be resubmitted with accompanying specific details.

6. *New this year* Register for Summer SLCE Conference
Each org that wants to be active in the 20199-2020 academic year will be required to send at least one executive board member and at least one general body member to the Summer SLCE Conference.

Summer SLCE Conference schedule
Attendee on-campus move-in: Monday, August 26, 2019
Conference: Tuesday, August 27 & Wednesday, August 28
Moose Movers for First-Year class: Thursday, August 29

Each attending person should complete the registration form by the deadline above. The conference registration form is part of the Pioneer Place re-registration form. Each attendee is allowed to represent up to two org memberships.

7. Students and Advisor complete HAVEN training
By NYS law, every student organization officer must have Title IX and Sexual Assault Prevention training, therefore, Utica College requires all student org leaders to complete HAVEN training yearly.

If you have not completed this training by the deadline, SLCE can remove students from leadership role(s) until such time as documentation proving you have completed Haven exists. You, your organization's advisor and other organization officers will be notified that you need to step down from your position until further notice.

All HAVEN survey responses are confidential.

Use this link to view training:

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