Parameters for Groups Planning Late Night or Large Group Events

Parameters for Groups Planning Late Night or Large Group Events

Parameters for groups planning late night or large group events

  • Groups planning late night events, or events where large groups are anticipated, are to attend an event management meeting at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. Events will be cancelled if the sponsoring group does not attend the appropriate events management meeting. Groups are to submit their plans for their events prior to attending the events management meeting.
  • Any event extending past midnight requires the presence of at least one Campus Safety officer throughout the event if estimated attendance is 50+.
  • Additional safety officers may be required if attendance significantly greater than 50 is anticipated. This decision will be made at the events management meeting at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • All events will end by 2:00 a.m.
  • Individuals staffing the event, whether students or employees of the college, are to identify themselves to Campus Safety officers prior to the event and periodically walk through the event to assess the tenor of the crowd and provide assistance when needed.
  • Obviously intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave, although discretion will be used if it seems likely that doing so will exacerbate an already difficult situation.
  • Exceptions to these parameters may be granted only by events management staff at the events management meeting the sponsoring group attends. Such exceptions will be made by consensus of the events management group.

When Contacting an Artist and Agents Keep These Tips in Mind


  • Be courteous and professional
  • Know what you want to say, and practice
  • Have specifics ready, like date, time, and location
  • Use your advisor to get tips on how to talk to agents



  • Understand that it may take a few follow up calls to get an answer, do not bombard agent with communication
  • DO NOT agree to anything over the phone or in writing
  • Keep your budget in mind.  The performer is not the only thing you have to pay for.
  • Don’t agree to pay for anything that you don’t have money allocated for.
  • Don’t be rude or act like they have to help you.  They can say no.
  • ONE PERSON ON CAMPUS has authority to sign contracts, it’s NOT you, so don’t sign anything.

When Dealing with Contracts:

  • Any contracts need to be approved by Student Living and College Engagement  before signature
  • Org Advisor and Org President need to set up a meeting with Student Living and College Engagement to get contracts signed
  • Meeting deadline is AT LEAST 2 weeks BEFORE event date
  • Student Living and Colle Engagement has Utica College Standard contracts. If you are unsure if your artist requires a contract, ask us!

Rules and Regulations


Campus Parties Which Require Campus Safety

These Rules and Regulations are intended for any campus event hosted by a student organization in which there is a reasonable expectation that a large number of non-Utica College students will be in attendance. If you or your organization is planning on hosting one of these events you should first complete the following checklist:

1.       Go to Student Living and College Engagement and obtain a Large Event and Late Night Request Form.

2.       Schedule a facility for the event.

3.       Complete the first two sections of the form and then take the Event Checklist to each of the offices listed to obtain their approval. This form must be completed, with all signatures, at least three weeks prior to hosting the event. Completion of this form does not give permission to host the event until the Approval section has been signed by the appropriate college official.

4.       Be sure to comply with the Responsibilities and Ticket Procedures to ensure that you can host parties in the future.

Responsibilities of Campus Safety and Local Police Agencies

The Director of Campus Safety will develop a pool of local police officers to work with groups on a regular basis. The Director’s objective is to establish the pool in order to increase both the groups’ familiarity with the officers and the officers’ familiarity with the College and its students.

The Director of Campus Safety will determine how many officers are required for each event. The charge for this detail will be determined by the acting police force, and it is to be paid by the sponsoring organization in cash. This cash payment will be made available to Campus Safety or to the organization’s advisor prior to the beginning of the party to ensure that the funds are available. The police detail will be paid in full at the end of the function, even if the party is ended early for any reason. In the event of a party cancellation, 72 hours prior notice is required; otherwise, the police detail will still need to be paid by the sponsoring organization in full on the day of the event.

The local police agency and/or Campus Safety will patrol and control movement in and around the party, including, but not limited to, the Strebel Dining Commons, the Pioneer Café, the lounge area, and outside of Strebel Student Center, including parking areas.

An officer will be assigned at the entrance to “wand” all people entering the party with a metal detector for weapons and contraband. The sponsoring organization will take direction from the Campus Safety and/or police officers regarding the handling of individuals under suspicion for illegal or un-safe activities. After 1:00 a.m., a police officer will also be responsible for assisting with patrolling and controlling the area in front of the Strebel Stu-dent Center.

SODEXO will ensure that the Dining Commons or the Pioneer Café has been cleaned and swept before the event is scheduled to begin. SODEXO will also provide equipment needed by members of the student organization to clean the premises thoroughly after the party has ended.

Responsibilities of the Sponsoring Organization

Sponsoring organizations will post the following information at the entrance and/or check-in desk at the time of the event:

  • ID is a MUST- Utica College ID’s must be presented upon entering. GUEST ID’s WILL BE COLLECTED AND RETURNED AT THE END OF YOUR STAY.
  • No loitering in front of or around the buildings
  • No alcohol allowed in or around the Strebel Student Center
  • No weapons of any kind allowed. Come in Peace!
  • All will be subject to a Campus Safety search
  • No Smoking allowed in the building.
  • You must have a valid Utica College ID or be the guest of a Utica College student to attend.

The faculty/staff advisor of the sponsoring organization, or another faculty/ staff member familiar with the organization, must be present throughout the event to assist the student leaders working at the event. The advisor will meet with the Director of Student Living and College Engagement to review party procedures and to ensure that they understand the ticket policy.

The sponsoring organization will meet no less than one week prior to the scheduled event with the Director of Campus Safety to confirm that arrangements for Campus Safety/ local police agency coverage have been finalized.  College officials and the sponsoring organization reserve the right to refuse admittance to any group or individual.

The sponsoring organization will meet with Campus Safety 30 minutes before the event to introduce the Campus Safety officers to the advisor and to the students who have been identified as responsible for carrying out the as-signed duties. At this time they will review expectations and responsibilities with Campus Safety. Fifteen minutes prior to the event, the local police detail will be introduced to the advisor and the students working the event.

Sponsoring organizations will identify for Campus Safety, and the police officers, persons in their organization responsible for helping the police detail and Campus Safety officer to carry out the assigned duties. Students identified as helpers will wear nametags or some uniform symbol or clothing identifying them as such.

Members of the sponsoring organization will remain alert, engaged, and avail-able to work with Campus Safety/ local police agency personnel. Each will be respectful of each other’s needs and requests.

Members of the sponsoring organization are responsible for checking all UC students’ ID cards upon entering the event. They are also responsible for the collection and organization of non-UC identification cards. Non-UC identification cards will be collected and placed in alphabetical order. Identification cards must never be left unattended. At the end of the evening the sponsor-ing organization will return all identification cards to guests in an orderly and timely manner. Unclaimed ID cards will be turned in to Campus Safety at the end of the event.

Members of the sponsoring organization are responsible for decorating the space in a safe and responsible manner. No paper may be used to cover existing windows or to restrict the view.

Code of Conduct

All attendants of events hosted either on Utica College campus or by a Utica College club or organization are held to the Utica College Code of Conduct.  The Code of Conduct can be found online at:

For more information on the Utica College Code of Conduct please contact the Office of Student Affairs at x3100.

Cancellation Policy

The next party is always contingent upon the success of the last party. When serious problems occur during these events, the Director of Student Living and College Engagement reserves the right to cancel any and all party activities until further notice.

Sponsoring organizations must give notice of cancellation at least 48 hours prior to scheduled event to avoid being charged for police agency personnel.

Copyrights and Licenses

  • CANNOT show movies without buying the copyright license
  • CANNOT print anything (fliers, apparel, etc.) with copy written images, slogans or logos
  • CANNOT use any UC logos (strictly athletics)

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