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Institute for the Study of Integrative Healthcare

What We Do

The Institute provides many opportunities for students to collaborate and participate in professional research and strong partnerships with healthcare providers in the community.

Made possible through the largest single gift for endowment in the college's history, the anonymous donors sought to invest in Utica College's longstanding record of innovation and responsiveness to the changing landscape of the healthcare delivery system.

The Institute for the Study of Integrative Healthcare provides many opportunities for students to collaborate and participate in professional research, as well as establish strong partnerships with healthcare providers in the community.

Integrative healthcare acknowledges the varied strategies that individuals may choose to keep themselves healthy, including a broad range of strategies – some of which are evidence-based and some perhaps not – which could include natural, cultural and other traditional interventions. In short, it is treating the ‘whole’ patient.

Through the Institute, student and faculty researchers learn more about healthcare strategies that may be common to other cultures and traditions (acupuncture, for example), so that they can be integrated into the paradigm of what it means to be healthy. These methods become particularly important in providing healthcare for immigrant and refugee populations.

The Institute will leverage technology to connect faculty, community members and students to examine the relationship between integrative healthcare, patient health and professional practice. Students in graduate programs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing and healthcare administration as well as undergraduate programs in the School of Arts and Sciences such as Sociology & Anthropology will engage in meaningful experiences relating to their fields of study. Faculty associated with the Institute will take a transdisciplinary approach to their study to directly prepare students for their intended careers.

Students will benefit from the opportunities provided by the Institute to apply their knowledge in meaningful and relevant ways at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Institute faculty will be charged with connecting their research from the Institute to their teaching with student experiences so that students engage in meaningful ways with their curricula, which will be a means to enhance persistence to graduation.

Integrating Eastern and Western Medical Perspectives - March 11, 2021

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