Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Careers in Biology

A Utica College degree in biology prepares students for a wide range of scientific, environmental, and commercial careers. Those who wish to pursue graduate or professional study find that a UC degree enables them to compete at a high level in gaining entry to and successfully completing such programs. 

* Clinical/Health: Medical, Veterinary, Dental, Optometry, Podiatry, and Pharmacy School

Utica College Biology graduates with strong performance are highly competitive and regularly accepted into dental, medical, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, veterinary and public health schools.The Advisory Committee for the Health Professions, composed of Utica College faculty, community clinicians, and health professionals, works directly with individual students as they prepare for entrance into professional programs. For more information about the ACHP, visit: 

* Research: Graduate School

Many Utica College students choose to attend graduate school where they receive advanced degrees (M.S., Ph.D.) and perform cutting edge research in a variety of biological and related disciplines. Graduates from the Utica College biology program are regularly accepted to and successful i competitive graduate programs.

* Teaching

Students can graduate with a degree in biology and a minor in education. New York State requires teachers to major in a field in which they wish to teach. We work closely with the Education program to ensure that biology majors with an interest in education are well prepared to receive their Biology and General Science teaching certificates. New York State requires that a M.S. is completed within three years for permanent certification., and an M.S. in Education may be earned at Utica College.  There is currently a strong need for secondary school science teachers in Upstate N.Y. 

* Research and Lab Technology

Students interested in working in research and development are regularly hired for jobs as laboratory technologists and research assistants in hematology, pharmacology, and industry with the B.S. in Biology.

* Environmental Careers

Graduates from the Utica College biology program who are interested in environmental biology pursue careers in forestry, fish and game management, range management, environmental assessment, conservation biology, and pollution measurement and control.

* Business and Industry

  Biological career options in business and industry are diverse and may include fields such as mortuary science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sales, biotechnology, or technical writing.

* Government Service/NASA/Military

Increasingly, understanding of biological systems is important in space exploration, military readiness, policy, and governance. Our students are prepared to use their biological training in research and applications within the government.

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